June 23, 2014


      I was more than happy when somebody put the upper picture of the college in their chatting profile. I directly asked her whether she had the photo of the framed illustration. It was started when somebody of youth group in my church had ordered for an illustration of the soon-to-be married couple. I gave the soft copy of those two in an illustrations then she framed it in a glass. Voila.. they took a picture with the bride and the groom brought the illustration in the reception. P.S: I also played a song "Two Words: I Do" for the groom to walk into the aisle hehehe (I'm thinking to make the song cover, no?).
      I also illustrated three others in this week. The first pic is my old friend, Santy. The second one is my best pal, Yudho (which I give the illustration today for his birthday :)). The third one is the teddy bear, Dean, who is really busy with his internship. Until I write this post, I'm certainly sure that he probably have not seen his illustrated face. He's a really busy boy indeed.

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