June 7, 2014


     "Every time I see him I wonder if he remembers me or not. What he said two years ago even only one magic word, I have always remember. I try to collect pieces of good words I've got. It's hard cos I already forget too many, but I try. The word is the important answer that I need to keep in mind. I have to write them all in my note, rite? :) A line for a person with her/his words, and so on. Gotta do it very soon.
     He sat in front of me twice & I'm really intrigued to ask him, maybe just to say hi. But I ain't that brave. I only can imagine the talk we'll have in my head. Asking many undefinable queries I have all this time. Oh dear I wish I were his student.
     Oh universe please be The God's hands to help me to answer my unanswered questions which many are still left. I know it is a very selfish demand. I just have faith to buy my dream because my acts are not fair enough to make it comes true. I hope my faith is enough.
     Please come faster my middle and end of June, the most hopeful days of the month. "

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: interesting thought. Great Proposals. Keep in touch