June 10, 2014


      It seems there is a white invasion in my country's fashion trend. Not only new labels which have white dress, skirt, tops, accessories, etc but also the mature ones. In addition, my favorite brand Topshop lately has launched the white collection too as I saw it in instagram. Even a lot of fashion bloggers post their outfits in white. It is like a must-have stuffs now but I don't really think so. I use public transportation a lot where dirt and pollution are not really friendly so I rarely (never, I guess) wear white thing. But I still dream to wear anything white white and white since I am secretly a fan of it. Therefore, I style it to Ms. Macaroons. She wears all items from www.zocko.com (most of #OOTD posts are wearing Zocko's stuffs). Anyway, let's meet her cute Brownie!! Should we paint Brownie's brown feather to white so he'll be the same like Ms. Macaroons' outfit? And his name will be turned to 'Whitney' instead of 'Brownie'? -_- Only mad fashionista who will do that. Just don't do that.

Brownie: "Hi Miss. Let's play!"
Ms. Macaroons: "Later on, Honey."
Brownie: "What is the thing keeping you very busy?"
Ms. Macaroons: "Unless you're fashionista, you may read it with me, Brownie."
Brownie: "I would like to know, please!!!" (puts his head up to see Ms Macaroons' book.)
Ms. Macaroons: "Brownie... don't bother me!"
Brownie: "Please.. what is it?" (he keeps sniffing Ms. Macaroons' book)
Ms Macaroons: "Okay okay! Just sit and calm down. I will tell the book story very well to you, Brownie. Are you happy huh?"

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