June 20, 2014


      Swimsuit post is not over yet guys. If in the last post, we talked about one-piece swimsuit, now we have the cute bikinis from TBDress. If you prefer to wear bikini than any other kind of swimsuit, you have to see what www.tbdress.com have in their website. They have so many cute and cheap bikini collections for you. Check out some of them in this post!

      Black outfit is the must have clothing in the wardrobe, including for women bikini. Since I like polka dots, bikinis with this pattern never been missed in my list. Moreover, they are in black and white. These kinds of bikinis are timeless even our future granddaughter will be able to wear them too. Hahaha. What I love about those polka dot bikinis from TBDress is they are made with twists, like compared with the stripes top, combined with smaller polka dots pattern, or sewed with some pleats. But if you don’t think that polka dot is not that cute like I do, you still can choose the simplest black bikini ever, like the third picture in the upper. I love how the double strings work which give unique look at once.

      For the girl who prefer a more fun bikini, don’t be worry because TBDress also has a colorful one. There are some cute motives I already picked above which I want to talk about. Firstly, I don’t know that America flag can be as interesting like this bikini pattern so having one is not matter at all. Secondly, for you who have a big-sized hip, I think this red dots bikini is perfect since the bottom covers the hip area. The bikini reminds me to the one which The Notebook’s Allie wears in the beach scene with Noah. Lol. Thirdly, if you like something floral like Hawaii thing, wear this third bikini and you are ready to enjoy the coconut ice and Bali beaches! TBdress has many color options of this bikini, FYI. Fourthly, it doesn’t matter to wear the neon top and stripes bottom at once since it is still fun in summer. Just play the color block game, right? Lastly, I have the snake printed bikini which is indeed very sexy and dazzling.
      What is your favorite one? Or can’t find the perfect bikini for your self yet? Calm down and browse to www.tbdress.com in their bikini collection. Or you can just go to http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Bikini-100887/ where you can find cheap bikinis online instantly. *wink wink* Anyway, summer is just started so you still have time to buy any bikini you love. It's time to have a new one(s)! Have a nice day!


cassie cadiz said...

The 4th picture on the black and white bikinis is my favorite. Something Katy Perry will wear too. ♥


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great bikinis proposals. I like the polka dot bikinis. Keep in touch