July 30, 2014


      I love to see great paintings. Looking into the depth of the stroke details is a pleasure to me. I am amazed to them who can visualize their idea onto canvas. Few days ago, I made several collages for my plain binder. I cut and chopped my favorite magazine: its fashion editorial spread and art special edition (in order to elevate the function more than just a shelf display). Haha.. I enjoyed 'killing' my magazine so much. Well, you may have seen my previous post about my wall's collages and this is the version of my binder. Check these six binder covers out!

      This is what I call as 'deconstructive painting'. It is all about great painting I love and the other thing I like are being together in unity. (Don't you think a tomboy girl possibly like flowers? Yes, I am into them :)) The landscape painting is made by Srihadi Soedarsono and the curvy woman/women is made by Arifin Nief. (I am sorry if I inadvertently type the incorrect spell of the painters' name in this post)

      This college was made by putting the commercial ad of jewelries and Louis Vuitton, someone's eyes, the Rome trip article, and also the parallelogram painting work of Hendra "Hehe" Harsono. The second picture is about a closet/wardrobe article which took a vintage old picture.

      It is all about flower. The first picture is an editorial shoot which wears Biyan's amazing dress. The second picture is a couple painting I found in an article where it becomes a background photo behind a bunch of people. I just realized from far that the woman has fish scales and she probably is a mermaid. And the man, is he Aladdin?

July 28, 2014


      Hello guys, I want to say Happy Eid Mubarak for all of you who celebrate the day!
      It has been a while since I posted my very last dress sketch in this blog. Well, I still sketched offline. I'm trying to make the sketches alive not only living on a paper. Anyway, few months ago, I was asked by my church choir to design their uniform in the sectional. I was excited. I made three pairs of design and they chose the one that most perfectly fitted on them. After that, I and a friend from the choir named "Bahtera Choir" ('Bahtera' equals 'Ark' in english) looked for the fabric and gave it to the sewer. The boys wore white shirt with triangle yellow leather accent in the front. The girls wore a dress with under-knee-length black skirt, with white top and yellow leather accent in the front and the sleeves.
      And tadaa... they wore the uniform to the sectional. Actually, I was a kind of disappointed because I could not come at the fitting day and the uniform was a little bit far for the expectation. In addition, I just barely knew that the choir's member newcomers were the man and woman aged over 35 years old (which I thought the design was too young for them). Besides, the girls wanted to have a shorter skirt which broke all the proportion. But you know what, the uniform was not the most important thing overall but the praise. Thanks to Him that the choir crowned as the fifth winner of the competition. We will have a better uniform next time, guys!

stolen from @cristinamargaretta instagram

July 27, 2014


      Levitation is the theme that Kle by Kleting brought at Indonesia Fashion Week 2014. The label brought the sporty and dynamic gene into the collection. Actually, I like the print motif, especially the black and white abstract one, and the color vibe. Nevertheless, I should agree of what Femaledaily had said that the collection even though had a really strong impression, it was still confusing, since sometimes there was a gap between from one to another piece.

July 26, 2014


      Hello guys! I often watch Korean drama series and wonder why the girls (and the boys too) are really fashionable, whatever the weather and the situation are. Thanks to the stylist who prepared all the wardrobes so I can see many mix & match inspirations. Lol. Anyway, I am curious about the main item that the stars often wear in every scene. I must guess that the item would be… an outwear! Yes, baby. I like to see the casts very mesmerizing played their own character roles in the winter in jacket, blazer, or just as simple as cardigan. I don’t know that cardigan can be a must have item to be stylish, though I know that secret now. Hehehe. And… where to get the outwear like the Secret Garden’s character? (oh well, we can’t say about the Secret Garden only but Korean drama in general too) It is from TBDress (www.tbdress.com) that provides some cheap cardigans you’ve been looking for all this time. Check them out!
1. Splendid Loose Hot Selling Cardigan Gladiator Sweater
2. Special Long Sleeves Without Zipper Bat Knit Cardigan
3. Sweet Rhomb Tassel Knit Cardigan Sweater
      I like tribal patterns so I choose these three monochrome oversized cardigans. They look so comfy, right? I can put any tee or shirt with jeans under the cardigan. And if I were in South Korea in the winter, I would like to wear beanie and boots too. Woff woof :3

4. New Style Perfect Pure Color Lace Embroidery Cardigan (black)
8. New Style Perfect Pure Color Lace Embroidery Cardigan (pink)
      For you who has a very girly style and like lace very much, these lace cardigans are perfect for you. There are many color options but I pick only the black and pink ones here. They are very simple and basic cardigans, don’t you think so?

5. Salable Europe Style Leisure Collar Irregular Shaped Blouse
6. New Arrival Temperament Loose Asymmetrical Hot Selling Cardigan Outwear
7. Fantastic Sweet Three Quarter Sleeves Knit Cardigan
      For another choice of long cardigan, I will pick these three. The asymmetry khaki cardigan is so adorable. I will wear a black short jumpsuit under the cardigan. How about you? The other two black long cardigans have almost similar in glance but they have different impression. I think the sixth cardigan is more concise than the seventh one. So, which one is you favorite Korean-stars-look-alike cardigan? You can also search the one yourself in TBDress’ cheap knit cardigans collection here http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Cardigan-100595/ and you’re ready to steal the cute Korean look!

July 25, 2014


Dian Pelangi

In the second day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2014, what we could see was all about moslem wear, especially like the sequence where some bright designers showed off their collection. Check them out!

Adopting a Moslem pattern printing, Itang made his collection in several major color shades like yellow and purple. I like the printing in the first picture below and the look particularly the one worn by a model with yellow and plain ribbon long skirt.

It was just interesting how Hanbok could turn into an unusual Moslem wear, wasn't it? In addition, this Korean-traditional-costume-inspired collection consisted various batik motive and turban.

In this collection, Dian mixed Bali, Jawa, and Palembang cultures as the inspiration. No matter the inspiration came from, Dian always sticks with her very colorful collection.

July 23, 2014


Khanaan Shamlan
Ria Miranda

      The blog post about Moslem's wear still goes on. This time are coming from Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2014 that brought the alumni, Ria Miranda and Khanaan Shamlan to the stage. As usual, Ria Miranda's collection brought a pastel nuance with sakura motif printing in the dress. While Khanaan brought a retro collection where we could see any unique detail embedded in the collection.

All by Ria MIranda
1st-3rd pic from left: Ria Miranda. 4th pic: Khanaan Shamlan.
1st pic: Khanaan. 2nd pic: Ria Miranda.
All by Ria Miranda

July 22, 2014


      I'm not celebrating the Eid Mubarak but I join its crowd and happiness among people I love. Furthermore, since it is a few days left towards the Eid Mubarak, I know some of you may buy new clothes to celebrate the day. (I intend to buy one too :)) So, from this post until two posts ahead will speak about the Moslem wear inspiration by our beloved local fashion week. I hope you can be inspired enough to buy the perfect clothes to be worn in the celebration days.
       Shafira, a well-known Moslem's ready to wear label, joined Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 with the theme 'La Dolce Vita' or 'a sweet life'. The inspiration of the collection that had less more 50 pieces of clothes was the beauty of Italy, its architecture and culture. Overall, the collection was very colorful and super feminine. Take a look to few of Shafira's collection below!

July 19, 2014


      ""You stupid guy. I dunno whether you pretended not to know or you really had no clue at all, about me, about us. You keep telling me to love another man but it is truly hard. Why don't you want to have me now whereas years ago you said that you wanted me in your life? I said no because I thought you were not serious. The "no" that might mean that you had to prove your affection more, since unclear sign was always unclear. But I don't regret saying that word though I have never been being your girl. Because maybe the truth is we are just an irony to each other, Honey, regardless the sweet irony upon us.

"Can I see your hand?"
      I knew you would not foresee my future. Seeing my hand for what? Oh, you really did observe my hand. You knew that I was not a skinny girl. My fingers filled by the stupid fat, making them looked like bunch of giant balloons. I should had not eaten for weeks in order to show you my beautiful fingers at their best. Maybe I should had painted them with red rose nail polish first before I met you.

"You're so beautiful."
      My cheeks fulled by silly fat. But you said that I was pretty with my big smile and chubby cheeks, with looking down a little bit shy. Silence brought me down. I didn't believe you because I didn't like my laugh in the mirror. What I always wanted were scar-less, taper cheeks with neatly-structured teeth.. and beautiful face.
     The only thing that made you frowned was my voice that always had been being my pride. "What's wrong with your voice? It's freakin' weird." You knew that words made me grumble. Nevertheless, you didn't mind to say that over and over again whenever I sang a song.
     Why? Why did you always like the thing I didn't like? And why didn't you love the thing I loved the most? How about if I loved you? You wouldn't have loved me, would you?""

July 18, 2014


      Unspoken Litany was the theme of Eri Dani's show. He was inspired by the dark ages times and depicted it to drapery silhouette. All collection was in black and drapery was the main idea. It was interesting to see the all hail black with motive in some collection which was unquestionably creative. Nevertheless, I think that the presentation was kind of flat. The total collection was all dark head to toe. Maybe the model's hair needed to be untied (and dyed to pink or green cotton candy :p) or just made it to side bun style to brace up the romanticism nuance.

July 16, 2014


made by my sister (@bela_K)

      Like what I've had told you in the last post that 14.07.14 is my birthday (age just a number). It is one of my memorable birthdays. My favorite football team, German, finally won the World Cup and my best friends: Yudho and Mamet made a call around 3 a.m. to say happy birthday because Yudho just had oversleep so he could not call me by 00.00 hahaha... It was really sweet, right? Fortunately, I was still up on something so I could pick up the phone. Then in the early morning, my sister, my mom and dad greeted me for my birthday. So did my friends. They said really nice wishes for me, that strengthen me to live my life better than before. Thank God that I have them in my life.
     Anyway, I was amazed by my best friends who gave me incredible collages. I was superbly happy. Look at this collage made by Lucca!

      I was laughing veryhard when he gave me this collage. Yes, it is ME who lazily lays down to Jon "Smokin' Hot" Kortajarena. Lol. My chubby cheeks don't fit perfectly with my surrogate sexy body. But, yeah... I was happy receiving this gift from Lucca. It made sense that I had had lost contact with him since in my suspicion he was in charge on doing this collage. I knew you!

Made by the talented Indah (@indahahags)
      This was surprising that Indah had this amazing collage gift for me. It was terrific! Many me with her, of course, it's a selfie :)) This photo was taken when I was in class with her. Ah, what a good collage! I am grateful for her supportive words to me to believe what I've dreamed all this time.
      Thanks to Kitty to who uploaded again my sketch of her in her instagram in order to congratulate my birthday. Thank you Kitty!!! <3 And thank you gus for all the birthday wishes!
      Well, at the end of the day, me, mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunt prayed and had a little treat: a Clairmont tiramisu cake and nasi kuning completed with the side dish. I also unwrapped the gifts from them. I know it will be a great year ahead for me and there will be big surprise coming for me in the future. :)