July 16, 2014


made by my sister (@bela_K)

      Like what I've had told you in the last post that 14.07.14 is my birthday (age just a number). It is one of my memorable birthdays. My favorite football team, German, finally won the World Cup and my best friends: Yudho and Mamet made a call around 3 a.m. to say happy birthday because Yudho just had oversleep so he could not call me by 00.00 hahaha... It was really sweet, right? Fortunately, I was still up on something so I could pick up the phone. Then in the early morning, my sister, my mom and dad greeted me for my birthday. So did my friends. They said really nice wishes for me, that strengthen me to live my life better than before. Thank God that I have them in my life.
     Anyway, I was amazed by my best friends who gave me incredible collages. I was superbly happy. Look at this collage made by Lucca!

      I was laughing veryhard when he gave me this collage. Yes, it is ME who lazily lays down to Jon "Smokin' Hot" Kortajarena. Lol. My chubby cheeks don't fit perfectly with my surrogate sexy body. But, yeah... I was happy receiving this gift from Lucca. It made sense that I had had lost contact with him since in my suspicion he was in charge on doing this collage. I knew you!

Made by the talented Indah (@indahahags)
      This was surprising that Indah had this amazing collage gift for me. It was terrific! Many me with her, of course, it's a selfie :)) This photo was taken when I was in class with her. Ah, what a good collage! I am grateful for her supportive words to me to believe what I've dreamed all this time.
      Thanks to Kitty to who uploaded again my sketch of her in her instagram in order to congratulate my birthday. Thank you Kitty!!! <3 And thank you gus for all the birthday wishes!
      Well, at the end of the day, me, mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunt prayed and had a little treat: a Clairmont tiramisu cake and nasi kuning completed with the side dish. I also unwrapped the gifts from them. I know it will be a great year ahead for me and there will be big surprise coming for me in the future. :)


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy Birthday. I also wanted Germany win the World Cup.- Fabulous!!. Keep in touch

Marsela Christie said...

Thanks Marta!!


That so funny photos. kisses