July 15, 2014


      I love wearing necklace wherever and whenever I hang out. It becomes both of signature style and accessories that I don’t want to miss. There are so many kind of necklace materials I love, including the one with beads. The beaded necklace often brings my femininity side out. That’s why I love to wear it very often. Lucky me, I can see many très chic beaded necklaces collection now from TBDress (www.tbdress.com). Of course, this post will reveal my favorites from that gorgeous collection of women necklace. Check it out!

1. Glamorous Colorful Beads Flowers Alloy Rhinestone Women Necklace
2. Charming Blue Round and Water-drop Gemstones Necklace-BlueRoseOrg
3. Debonair Light Blue Gemstone Flowers with Full Rhinestone Necklace
4. Sweet Gentlewomen Temperament Colorful Gemstone Women Necklace
5. Perfect Fashion Retro Crystal Gemstone Women Necklace
6. Amazing Fresh Water Drop Sweater Chain
7. Shining All-matched Crystal Rhinestone Alloy Necklace

      Since I love flower so much, I’m so excited to see the flowery-designed beads necklace. TBDress has complete necklace options of that kind of flower-curved alike. There are three flower necklaces (no 1-3) I love the most. I love the first necklace color block, it is fresh, fun, and young. But for more vibrant and brave look, I will pick the second red necklace. For calmer look, I will pick that third sea-colored necklace with details like blue sunflower. From blouse to long dress, those three necklaces will fit the total look perfectly.
      Moving forward from those three, I still have other four amazing necklaces. Who doesn’t want to look glamorous while wearing an evening gown and a necklace? I think these four necklaces have their own spot to be look glam and stylish even paired with dresses. Like the pink, white, fuchsia, green necklace no 7: I will wear it with my white clean-cut Victoria Beckham dress (I wish I had one :p) and a pair of emerald pointy heels. For the fourth and fifth necklaces, a round-neckline body con black dress will suit it well, won’t it? The last necklace (sixth picture) is a kind of classic so I think it will go well with any kind of dress, even with Indonesia’s batik or kebaya.

1. Complicated Blue Rhinestone Golden Necklace
2. Lovely Candy Color Little Birds Shaped Women Necklace
3. Graceful Retro Rhinestone Alloy Daisy Lady's Necklace
4. Gorgeous Fashion Big Flowers Women Necklace
5. Sumptuous Rose Beading Alloy Flower Necklace

      Actually, there are more fabulous necklaces, like the five ones that I collect in the picture above. You can search your favorite too at TBDress’ cheap collection and fashion collection here http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Necklace-100553/.  Make sure you won’t miss their amazing necklaces collection!


cassie cadiz said...

Aww.. I want that necklaces too! If ever I can buy all if them.. haha new posg on my blog dear, check it out if you have time.. ;)


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great necklaces. Keep in touch