July 28, 2014


      Hello guys, I want to say Happy Eid Mubarak for all of you who celebrate the day!
      It has been a while since I posted my very last dress sketch in this blog. Well, I still sketched offline. I'm trying to make the sketches alive not only living on a paper. Anyway, few months ago, I was asked by my church choir to design their uniform in the sectional. I was excited. I made three pairs of design and they chose the one that most perfectly fitted on them. After that, I and a friend from the choir named "Bahtera Choir" ('Bahtera' equals 'Ark' in english) looked for the fabric and gave it to the sewer. The boys wore white shirt with triangle yellow leather accent in the front. The girls wore a dress with under-knee-length black skirt, with white top and yellow leather accent in the front and the sleeves.
      And tadaa... they wore the uniform to the sectional. Actually, I was a kind of disappointed because I could not come at the fitting day and the uniform was a little bit far for the expectation. In addition, I just barely knew that the choir's member newcomers were the man and woman aged over 35 years old (which I thought the design was too young for them). Besides, the girls wanted to have a shorter skirt which broke all the proportion. But you know what, the uniform was not the most important thing overall but the praise. Thanks to Him that the choir crowned as the fifth winner of the competition. We will have a better uniform next time, guys!

stolen from @cristinamargaretta instagram

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