July 14, 2014


      Well, I wrote this post in the middle of a mess of doing some projects (with thousands lists). Somehow in the middle of my dizziness, I was thinking about to write my comic/manga, my most favorite one. Consider it as my birthday souvenir to you to have another must-read comic that I have been keeping it as a secret all this time hahaha... It is only because.. yeeeaaa, today is my birthday :D
      I collect not many various comic, but once it is good, I will go jumping from my lazy bed to collect all the series. Detective Conan (yup, it is like everyone's favorite since it is inspired by the Sherlock story), Donald & Scrooge McDuck (I have been reading it since I was a little girl), and Full House (yes, the story is the kind of that Korea tv series where Rain and Song Hae Gyo were starring at) are the ones I have in the comic-shelf. The reason why I love them is about the amazing storyline and most importantly: they're very well illustrated by the author.
My own collection (Indonesia language version). The cover tells everything.

      Beyond all those favorites, the comic I love the most is 'For The Rose' (Bara No Tame Ni) made by Akemi Yoshimura. The first time I saw this comic in the bookstore shelf around 2006, I just bought it. I was falling in love with the story and the illustration. Even more, I read that it had a good review written by a manga magazine so I decided to collect all the 9 series. I went to one bookstore to another without thinking it could had been bought all in a second via online. But at the end of the day, I got one book of 'For The Rose' via online and it completed all the collection. That was an emotional moment, you know that happy moment, rite? ;')

       Anyway, this is a short review from Manga Updates about 'For The Rose':
      "After being dumped, followed closely by her grandmother's sudden death, the chubby Yuri is left broke and homeless. That is until she discovers that her grandmother had been lying to her for years. Her mother is not dead, but is in fact a famous movie star, and very much alive.
      Upon arriving at her mother's house, she meets her three new beautiful siblings, all from different fathers. Her new-found family is filled with hilarious oddities, ranging from laziness to drunkenness to gay incest. She is constantly antagonized by her brothers Sumire and Aoi. And her sister Fuyo does little to help. And thus Yuri becomes little more than a maid in the household, catering to her siblings needs while her mother travels the world. But as Yuri's warmth fills the house which before had been so cold."

      I love this comic so much, especially how Akemi Yoshimura illustrated the character house, the scenery, and all that became a very realism picture. This comic is also known well by the poetic beautiful words from the character, especially Fuyo like she said that there was no family's perfect, etc. The storyline is full of drama, family intrigue, and more moral values that we can't get very often from other comic. It is one of a kind that you will read again next year and you certainly will have a new different perspective from the last time you read. For myself, I like the triangle love story between the handsome Sumire, the 'pretty' Aoi, and the cute Yuri, even though it is a pity to read Aoi story :') I looove the cool beauty, Fuyo. She has not only pretty face but beautiful and sharp words, indeed.
      Anyway, you can only get the full version of the comic by having the hard copy itself. (Well, I want to keep my collection on my own and have no intention to rent it, anyway :p) But you still can read online here for almost all of the story. Happy reading and get inspired! :)

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Yuanita R P said...

Yes, I read and collect it also and it becomes my obsession to collect all Akemi Yoshimura comics <3