July 7, 2014


Lucca- me - Fahmy (stolen from Lucca's blog)

      Do you remember the show of Biyan in my previous post? It was the best show I ever had attended in entire year. Biyan is the muse for me because his works are truly a beau and inspiring. I was really excited when I could attend his show with my two buddies. We had an amazing experience spoiled with the artistic yet very wearable pieces of cloth. We took a photo there (asking someone to take it for us) and it looked so great like our feeling that day. Arriving home, the excitement couldn't be ended so soon. We saw again the pictures of the collection more and more as that was our energy drink. Lol, it was not an overstatement, though it sounded too much for you. Anyway, Lucca made the photo of us into a different level: with many chrysanthemum around us like the theme of Biyan's show. The work was really good that I couldn't stand myself to not copy it in my blog.

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I see the show of Biyan was fabulous. Biyan is the muse for you!! Great. keep in touch