July 21, 2014


     What do you guys think when hearing a word ‘sexy’? Is it about flaunting skin? Hmm, I do think so. Sexy tends to be identic with much skin exposed everywhere. But truthfully, in my opinion, even though flaunting the complexion can’t be separated, sexy is more to the way you can wear your outfit in the right way and of course with not less and not too much confidence. Yes, it is all about how you wear the clothes in appropriate way.
     How to wear sexy clothes? I think it depends on when and where you would like to wear the clothes. If the dress is too short for your event, you can wear trousers with the same color like what world designers’ leading trend now. If the dress is too much open, you can wear any tank-tops underneath.
     Well, the point is that you still can wear sexy dress in more stylish way, right? Problem solved, then. Lol. Okay, before you decide on how to mix and match, you probably want to see several stylish and cheap sexy dresses from TBDress (www.tbdress.com) I picked for you. Most of dresses are sexy but we can still have fun and be stylish with them. Oh yeah, this is the link where I took all the sexy dresses pictures ;) http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Sexy-Dresses-100586/.

     Basic dresses are really basic, though, we can still have the sexier version like the first and second Little Black Dresses with different material but have the same level of backless hotness! So do the third and fourth white dresses: round or triangle backless cut-out is very cool. Wear this sixth red dress with fab cutting in the back and surprise people! Bored with the sexy backless? Try the fifth white net dress!

      What else we need besides the basic dress? The colorful one! The dress certainly has to have amazing design to show off your flawless back! Look at those three stylish printed dresses no 1-3! Bored again with some backless cutting? Try to have one dress with hole in the waist that will show off your waist complexion! So, what are you waiting for? Go get your most favorite sexy dresses from TBDress here http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Sexy-Dresses-100586/ and happy mix and match!

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cassie cadiz said...

I like your choices and the way you post it! Want to check out my sexy dresses picks too?