July 30, 2014


      I love to see great paintings. Looking into the depth of the stroke details is a pleasure to me. I am amazed to them who can visualize their idea onto canvas. Few days ago, I made several collages for my plain binder. I cut and chopped my favorite magazine: its fashion editorial spread and art special edition (in order to elevate the function more than just a shelf display). Haha.. I enjoyed 'killing' my magazine so much. Well, you may have seen my previous post about my wall's collages and this is the version of my binder. Check these six binder covers out!

      This is what I call as 'deconstructive painting'. It is all about great painting I love and the other thing I like are being together in unity. (Don't you think a tomboy girl possibly like flowers? Yes, I am into them :)) The landscape painting is made by Srihadi Soedarsono and the curvy woman/women is made by Arifin Nief. (I am sorry if I inadvertently type the incorrect spell of the painters' name in this post)

      This college was made by putting the commercial ad of jewelries and Louis Vuitton, someone's eyes, the Rome trip article, and also the parallelogram painting work of Hendra "Hehe" Harsono. The second picture is about a closet/wardrobe article which took a vintage old picture.

      It is all about flower. The first picture is an editorial shoot which wears Biyan's amazing dress. The second picture is a couple painting I found in an article where it becomes a background photo behind a bunch of people. I just realized from far that the woman has fish scales and she probably is a mermaid. And the man, is he Aladdin?

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