August 23, 2014


“The black leather jacket is a fashion staple for a woman's wardrobe, but there are many different styles. There's a blazer style, a riff on the classic motorcycle jacket, or the classic motorcycle style itself. Choose one that fits in with your lifestyle.” -Tim Gunn's Essential Fashion Tips

      Leather Jacket might be the last season’s trendy item, but it is a classic and effortlessly stylish that woman has to have at least a piece. I can’t agree more of what Tim Gunn’ advice at that leather jacket is very essential regardless the various style & fashion sense all women in the world might have. Well, if you are wanting to have one, you may should check what TBDress ( cheap leather jacket collection! Here I show you some of my favorites!

      Like what I've said before, black leather jacket is very classic but effortless item. You can fit your mini dress and legging or just your white shirt inside the jacket. It is up to you to choose the perfect one that fits your style. Basic one like the first picture is very recommendable for every woman! In the other hand, since I love studs (I tell you many times, haha) I can’t miss this awesome studded leather jacket like this second picture. I will put my white t-shirt inside with pastel slim pants and a pair of platform. Perfect! Quilted jacket is very interesting too. I have two favorites from TBDress like the ones in the third and fourth picture. What would you love to wear with these quilted jackets?

      Going to more colorful leather jacket, I have two awesome colorblock ones. I think this fifth jacket is very tomboy-ish, isn’t it? I would love to wear black leather loose shorts and t-shirt inside this black and crème jacket to make it more casual and fun. In the other side, I have a crop leather jacket here. What do you think if if this jacket is being mixed and matched with high-waisted A-line floral pencil skirt in pastel with the same pattern crop tee? Another jacket, the last one, is a patchwork designed. I love the dark brown accent, don’t you feel the same? I would love to wear a crop tee with loose 7/8 palazzo pants with this jacket. Oh, and I have one left, it is a bonus for you guys since I like this cute floral jacket!
      The whole amazing look you can only have if you have the leather jacket, of course! Find your favorite one here at TBDress’ Dress Jackets Weddings/ Chapel Length Wedding Jackets/ Designer Wedding Jackets collection! The last word I want to say, let the words from the fashion guru Mr. Gunn’s words speaking of this: “If you don’t have a leather jacket, and it’s speaking to you, it’s crying out to you, just get one and fits in with your lifestyle and your taste!”

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