August 1, 2014


"I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes." -Yves Saint Laurent

      Yeah, I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Saint Laurent. I mean that jeans are a timeless piece and super easy to wear, you know? It’s like you can expect a very great look by just wearing jeans. It can be paired from casual blazer to just a very simple crop tee, from flat shoes to high heels. It is the fashion items that everyone should have in their closet… and everyone, including me and you, has jeans, right?
      However, jeans always developed in various design created by the designers around the world. It is not only the classic jeans that still exist but the modern even futuristic ones too are in the store now, including the cheap jeans collection by TBDress ( Forget your ripped jeans for a moment because we will look at TBDress’ unique jeans that you should have!

1. New Arrival Unique Retro Split Joint Skinny Jeans
2. Split Joint Low Waistline Plaid Jeans
3. Stylish Letters New Arrival Spring Jeans
      Patches in the jeans are always adorable. It is up to you to pick your own favorite patches from TBDress. Is it the plain (like the first jeans), or the plaid (second jeans), or just random colorful patches (third jeans) do you like? For me, I like all the patches, as long as the jeans fit my curvy hip. Lol.

1. Inexpensive Loose Embroidery Large Size Cropped Jeans
2. Pretty Korean Style Loose Women's Jeans
3. Nice Loose Gradient Color Dark Upside Spring Fall Haroun Jeans
      These are other TBDress’ unique jeans, the loose ones. Still related with the patch, the first jeans embellished with some 90’s colorful number embroidery. In the other hand, the second loose jeans are simpler and the third ones are having the gradient effect.

1. Popular Slim Retro Style Empire Waist Skinny Jeans
2. Cool High Quality PU Slim Skinny Pants
3. Graceful Korean Style Plus Size Jeans
      Skinny jeans are the must have ones too. Try something different like these kinds of TBdress’ jeans above. I think the first skinny jeans with the stitch in the front create a slimmer thigh illusion. The second jeans I guess it is a very unusual and hippie ones that perfect for your not so mainstream taste. The third blue jeans, not so skinny but still amazing with the sloping buttons placement. Wear a crop tee to show that unique jeans buttons! By the way, are you still curious about the other TBDress' cheap jeans collection? You can find them here See ya!

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