August 7, 2014


Nude. 1940. Oil on Canvas.

      I came to visit Affandi Museum at Yogyakarta last week with my sister. Finally I could come there since I was craving to visit this museum for a long time. After buying the ticket for Rp20.000 (and additional fee Rp10.000 for taking pictures with mobile phone), we entered the first gallery excitedly. It was totally worth it! Affandi was such an amazing painter and artist. His expressionism genre was really inspiring and took me into different perspective that broke all the line boundaries and color.
     Short story, Affandi has a wife named Maryati and a daughter, Kartika. In the beginning of the show, Affandi often drew her own wife to be the object of the painting because he could not afford model. The painting can be seen like the first picture above. Maryati wanted to be his model, but in a condition: she didn't want Affandi drew her face. In some paintings, Affandi painted Kartika too that meant he unwillingly let her adult daughter to be married but he had to so he expressed his feeling into a painting. Amazing feeling, right? Affandi loved to make self-potrait paintings (like a lot) which was a narcissism in a whole top level. He also like to paint his mother-in-law too. So, this is the picture of the first gallery. I also have my recent favorites of Affandi's works below. Hope you enjoy it like I do. See you in the next posts (2/3 and 3/3) about Affandi Museum.

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