August 12, 2014


      (Read the first post about Affandi Museum post) In this post, we are going to the second gallery. It turned out that the gallery had Affandi's old sketches in the first row. In the second row, the painting was made on canvas and it was so Affandi's style. Moving to the next gallery, the third one, I was more amazed because it had the paintings made by Affandi's children and wife (in the form of embroidery work). Obviously, Kartika had the talent from the father. Her paintings were incredible. She had the expressionism style but the strokes were more real and bolder than her father. Nevertheless, there are other amazing paintings too made by another daughter of Affandi from the second wife. She is Rukmini. She made her paintings in more full color than Kartika and Affandi. AND I LOVE HER PAINTINGS LIKE A LOT. See you in the last post of Affandi Museum!

(Click to zoom)
The Face of Papua Man. 1974. Oil on Canvas.

My sister in front of Kartika's painting
All made by Kartika
First row made by Rukmini
All by Maryati

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Great drawings. Nice paintings. I like the mix of tones. Very expressive. Keep in touch