August 23, 2014


      When sitting in the fashion show row, there is usually a lookbook laying on the chair. Biyan's annual show had it. After the show was over, I guessed most of the guest couldn't leave the lookbook back to the empty seat. So did I. I am not only being amazed of what Biyan's did to his fashion collection but also of his pretty lookbook. The lookbook printed in a very big-sized thick paper, allowed me to see the cloth's details clearer. The photography, model, styling, etc inside were perfectly amazing. I would love to keep the book myself and re-read it again next year. (Read also: BIYAN ANNUAL SHOW S/S 2015)

Photography: Stefan Khoo
Assisted by: Yann Cloitre & Mungkong
Styling: Xie Wei
Make-Up: Linsey Li
Hair: Ark Lin
Model: Hege Wollan
made by Lucca Yoga

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