August 5, 2014


Illustrated by Fahmy Haryandi

      Whoa! I just get back to home at 7 a.m after two days of tiring road trip. I went to my grandparents' home a week ago. The trip like this is always be a tradition when the Ied Mubarak Day comes for my family (and most of Indonesians). Everyone went from the crowded Jakarta to their own hometown, especially in my case, over Java Island. It was like we had the same time of departure and all gathered in the not-so-very-wide road. The tradition had made the huge traffic jam along the road. It took almost two days to arrive both of Jakarta-Jogja or Jogja-Jakarta instead of the usual 12-18 hours of trip. It was very tiring!
       Well, it was just because I and my family wanted to reunite and meet our grandparents. We also wanted to meet our siblings who lived there. Besides, we helped my sister to move her luggage to new dorm since her old one was a little bit tinier and less comfortable. I thought I had my weight lose some pounds by lifting her heavy books, fan, and clothes. Hahaha...
     I'm still tired but I still can write on my blog. Hahaha... I didn't bring my laptop and my modem (I scheduled my previous posts :)) so I miss them very much! Just wait for the following post about Museum Affandi which has a lot of amazing art paintings there! :)


Nidianti Tri Koeswardana said...

Happy Eid Mubarak from all of us here!

Missing both of you two! <3

Kapan main ke kantor lagi, ku mau dongs di gambarin ama kamu dan Fahmy, xixi :D


Marsela Christie said...

Hellooo!! Happy Eid Mubarak to Zocko's team :D