August 30, 2014


      Hello guys. I just wonder what kind of dresses you would love to wear when coming to a party? For me obviously, I love to wear any dress that appropriate to the dresscode. It can be a maxi dress, short dress, or just my traditional kebaya. If you like to wear short dress, especially the bodycon one, well lucky you because I have picked some of my favorites from cheap bodycon dresses that I personally like.
1. Stylish Sleeveless One-Side Pleated Peplum Black Sheath Dress
2. TBdress Design Wonderful Mesh Patchwork Round Neck Sleeveless Bodycon Dress
3. TBdress Design Sexy Mesh Strip Patchwork Round Neck Dress
4. Round-Neck Sleeveless Two-Tone Black Bodycon Dresses
5. Jacquard Lace Halter Sleeveless Backless Bodycon Dress
6. White Halter with Black Lace Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress
7. TBdress Design Perfect Purple Flowers Big Bow Slim Dress
8. New Style Lilac & Gold Keyhole Bandage Dress Sexy Clubwear

     Eventhough the black dress is very classic, it always renews and keeps developing into the modern phase. So does this first black bodycon dress! Can you just take a look at subtle gold and pleat accent? Dope. It is my most favorite piece! Let’s see, what else does a black dress can do? Yup, it has the see-thru moment. Just be sexy but not too much by wearing these second and third dresses! Pick one that can flaunt your curve at its best! Another LBD? How about the one color-blocked with white? Major! I still have one LBD left, the sixth dress that designed with gold accent jacquard. Uh-ma-zing. It impresses a very expensive and glamorous dress.
      Other bodycon dresses are beautified with the lace. Which girly-type of woman who doesn’t love lace? TBDress has the white one with a sweet tiny black lace which places the second place of my favorite, The last lace dress is a simple purple one. I don’t know but I think it has an oriental moment, hasn’t it? The last but not least, there’s a bandage dress that will reveal a little of cleavage. It is one of many sexy bodycon dresses indeed.
      See? They are absolutely gorgeous. So, just search your own favorite at TBDress’ sexy bodycon dresses here Have a great day!

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: nice dresses. Very trendy. Keep in touch