September 29, 2014


You've been searching
Have you found many things?
Time for learning
Why have I not learnt a thing?

Words with no meaning
Have kept me dreaming
But they don't tell me anything

Counting all different ideas drifting away
Past and present they don't matter, not if you just sort it out
Watch her moving in elliptical pattern
Think it's not what you say, what you say is way too complicated
For a minute thought I couldn't tell how to fall out

And I can't fall asleep
Without a little help
It takes awhile
To settle down
My shivered bones
Wait til the panics out

Come on skinny love, what happened here?
Suckle on the hope in light brassieres,
My my my, my my my, my-my my-my...
Sullen load is full, so slow on the split.

Tell my love to wreck it all,
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall,
My my my, my my my, my-my my-my...
Right in the moment this order's tall.

Birdy's All You Never Say, 1901, Terrible Love & Skinny Love
Pic from Pinterest 

September 27, 2014

#OOTD - 90's

      Hello guys. I actually don't know what to write today. I'm writing this post with my stomachache, maybe bcoz I ate my mom's terong balado hijau (fried chopped eggplant with not-so-spicy-but-it's-still-a-lil-bit spicy green chilli) too much. Or maybe the pain compounded by the masuk angin (catching a cold). It is so uncomfortable since I can't go anywhere.
      Anyway, I made a 90's illustration that inspired by Topshop' blouses in its website. I picked them up and matched them with some clothing at And tadaaa! Here they are. Let me know of what you think!

1. chiffon bardot beaudeau top - Topshop
2. Asymmetric Checked Skort - Topshop
4. rolo-skinny-strappy-sandals - Topshop

1. glory-suede-high-heel-shoes - Topshop
2. bardot-crop-top - Topshop

September 25, 2014


     I had a great time when I attended the press conference Plaza Indonesia Men Fashion Week. Plaza Indonesia spoke-person said that this year's PIMFW would be greater and bigger even involved some prominent fashion people like one of AsNTM's judges Daniel Boey (who came to the press conference) and the famous social media person of ANTM Bryan Boy. (I just realized that they are all from the Next Top Model dynasty). Back to PIMFW 2014. The runway even made differently from prior years which the row seat placed in the middle so the catwalk would be at the edge of the wall.
      It was very fun to listen all the designers who answered the questions from the media, especially the international designers as well. One of the question was which one was more difficult to the designer, was it to make the men's wear or women's wear. Both of  Joe Chia (Singapore) and Chris Jasler (Philiphines) said that it was equally the same difficulty to make both gender's cloth. But for Samuel Wong (Malaysia), men's wear was easier since he wore it himself. Furthermore for making women's, he said that he needs a muse so he could imagine what the best dress was to be worn by her. For the show at PIMFW 2014, Wong talked that he didn't expect too much for the collection but hoped the best for it. Meanwhile, Chris Jasler couldn't wait to rock and roll the runway and Joe Chia hoped everyone can enjoy the show and said "Don't give too much critique to the collection" followed by the whole room laugh. (You can see the three designer's collection at PIMFW at Daniel Boey's site here)

Philip Iswardhono - Obin - Joe Chia- Chris Jasler - Samuel Wong
The designers with the Plaza Indonesia's spoke-person and the sponsorship from Citibank and Samsung
the Iwan Tirta catwalk at PIMFW 2014. taken from Plaza Indonesia's facebook

September 22, 2014


      Hi guys. I was watching two episodes of Masterchef US in a row when I wrote this post at the same time. (I know I like to watch tv series like a lot :)) I was always happy when watching it even though I had to be only satisfied enough looking at that delicious, tempting, and mostly good looking food cooked by the amateur chefs. You will not know what the next cooking challenge will up to and even the best amateur chef could be going home anytime. The show began with a very strong and joyful moment but ended with a tearful moment when at least one of the contestants should be going home.  I'm a little bit concerned to the judges because they eat the food that almost fulled by cholesterol, high protein, and other composition which are bad for health :") Stay healthy, Chefs!.
      Guys, do you still remember my previous post that has an Audrey pic on it? (If you don't, open this link post! Going Home) I made another collage of the flawless beau, Audrey, with Vincent Van Gogh's sketch and painting as the background in this post. Oh I wish my painting could be as good as Gogh's!

September 21, 2014


    As we know, these days are still about fashion week madness. It is not only the indoor runway that is happening, but also the outdoor aka the street-style runway. The chic street-style often inspires other people how to wear a piece of clothing and becomes the benchmark that leads to the next season’s trend. What’s the most happening piece in the street-style world today? I think there’s a lot of trend, including the sweater dress. Yup, it is the long sweater and you can wear it as a dress. How to mix and match it? Easy! Low-heeled or riding boots, tight legging or just jeans, another jacket over the sweater dress, shawl or just belt or other appropriate accessories, etc. So if you plan to attend any fashion week, you can wear a sweater dress as your signature item. You can find your own favorite cheap sweater dresses collection easily at TBDress website ( I have my favorites of long sleeve sweater dresses from TBDress and I would love to share my mix & match idea for some sweater dresses. Curious? Let’s check it out!

Contrast Color Round-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

    It is like you can wear it when you are going to leave home to somewhere fun.  These TBdress' sweater dresses are very casual and so easy. Maybe I can wear riding black boots + green camoe colored long vest to add another fun color + sling bag OR just put on my black waist flare skirt over the sweater + low-heeled strap sandals + big necklace like gold choker to make it a lil bit glam. Yes, we surely can wear the sweater dress as the top.

Beautiful Long Sleeve Turtle Collar Stripe Knit Sweater Dress

    I like those oversized turtlenecks and the belts! I would love to wear any ankle boots, my iconic watch, some tiny bracelets and tiny unique rings around my fingers, and a unisex handbag. If you like to wear any socks or leggings with this stripes dress, just put them on!

left: Patchwork Lace Hemline Long Sleeve Princess Sweater Dress
middle: Black Color Applique Sleeveless Sweater Dress
right: Sweet Mesh Patchwork Falbala Hem Slim Sweater Dress 

    I don’t know why but I think this collection just looks like stolen from the runway. It is so chic yet so vintage! Old-fashioned one but it is still lookin’ so good. I think we don’t have to add any accessories with this TBDress' dress to pop out the dress’ embellishment (but I like the black gloves model here ;p). This is the kind of sweater dress that I think a pair neon/white high heels (pointy ones) will be perfect to match for!
    So, what are you thinking about that sweater dress? Fyi, you can browse more cheap sweater dresses and long sleeve sweater dresses at TBDress website here Happy browsing!


      Hi guys. I just came back from a cave. It looked like I stayed at home like hundred centuries or something. Anyway, I'm so excited that my tamagotchi v6 just arrived home in a beautiful black box package. Ah, it is so cute but I'm still figuring it out about how to play and take care with my pet. Hahaha... sounds so childish and so 90's rite? Yeah, I don't care (and I keep influencing my friend to play it too lol). I really like it and I hope it lasts as long as possible :"D
      Talking about childish and 90's era, I just got annoyed of thousands logo and toy pictures in my instagram feed. I haven't seen any complete collection from any label at any fashion week yet but the spoilers are going on in the timeline. Yes, the fashion week is crazy about childish toys, especially Moschino. The brand is all about Barbie dolls now (and its iconic logo too). I can't wait to see the whole collection since I love to dress Barbie now =D That's why I like love love to go to toys store these days. It is just like the new "bookstore" for me =D =D
      For illustration today, I did draw two badminton players for a friend's order. They are two amazing Indonesian's badminton players, Hendra Setiawan and Lilyana Natsir. I hope the best for them for the next championship. I hope the best for myself too because there's something new emerging in my life. I wish it will be the best for me and I hope I can do all at my best. Godspeed for us!

September 17, 2014


      Hello guys. I finished an illustration today. It took almost two days to illustrate. Anyway, I had to take care my mom that was hospitalized for almost three days because of her digestive issue. But thank God she already went home yesterday and I could do my routine like usual again. Well, this is an illustration that took many editorial inspirations inside such as the fancy and glamorous room image from Dujour Magazine. I replicated it for the background and  made the character sitting in there. I also imagined myself too sitting there. Hehehe... Have a great Wednesday!

September 12, 2014


      I am just addicted into the 90's childhood thing, like the-used-to-be digital pet epidemic: tamagotchi. I once downloaded it in my 10.1 inch android. I had trouble of taking care of my pet, not because of the game itself but the android size instead. Can you imagine every fifteen minutes to check out your pet in that huge android that it is usually purposed to draw? It is not practical indeed. I still curious about having the real tamagotchi that I barely know it costs almost above $20 which is a quite expensive (and which I'd rather barter the money into a nice flare-skirt-which-it-is-actually-a-short that I've been dreamed for hahaha just jk'in). Nevertheless, it certainly features many things like your pet can be in marriage or searching a job, etc. Seems so fun, rite? K, maybe it will be next time to buy the tamagotchi, yes.
      Moving to another topic, I made illustration agaaaainn. The 2nd-4th pic belongs to my buddy for his three friends. I had great time drawing them. The first pic is made for my sister on her birthday (because she asked me to). Yup, she is 19 now but I always see her like she is 13 years old little sister or something. Hahaha. We girls are often fighting a lot but now since my sister studies very far from home, I often miss her like a lot :") I hope she does well there. Keep healthy and the fun, Sist!

September 9, 2014


      I just dream to have a metallic medium Chanel bag. It is just so beautiful. I don't care what I'm going to wear that day as long as I bring that bag. Ahaha.... Well, at least I will bring that bag at fashion week, and in this case is NY's. So today I make a look to be worn at NYFW, along with my favorite brand Topshop and some affordable brands I find at Zocko. It feels like perfection to mix and match pricey branded thing with the affordable yet have the good quality clothing line at once. Just let's work (much much much) harder to get that bling-bling chanel bag hanging in our closet, okay?

September 5, 2014


      It's been a while since my last OOTD post. Uh, well I actually set up all the mix and match a month ago but I didn't have any spare time to illustrate the looks. This illustration made in two days. The first day for only the look and the second day for the background. It is located maybe in NYC or Paris. I take a look at the amazing pics of places in my wallpaper folder for the inspiration and imitate it by my own hand. And this is it!


September 4, 2014


      Last night, my 8 years old girl neighbor came visiting me. She was Ayana. Actually, she came with her little cutie 2 years old cousin named Bama. Nevertheless, the little boy seemed scared to enter my house hahaha.. so it was only Ayana that became my special guest (okay, okay, she was seduced by a little package of M&M that used to be mine). I was holding my 10.1 inches tablet that time so Ayana asked me to show her some of my doodles. Then, she appointed to my unfinished doodle, which was only a body figure. She beckoned me to draw something for her. Well... challenge accepted, Ay. I took my stylus off my tablet and started to dance with my hands.
       I didn't know why the doodling became like this. It was just randomly sketched with the guide of the Guru Ayana.
Me (M)    : "What color do you like to paint the dress, Ay?"
Ayana (A) : "Mmmhh... red would be good!"
M : "Okay, lets have the dress colored with red. The complement color is black. What do you think?"
A : "Yeah yeah that's good!"
M : "I will color the skintone like yours!" (choose the dark color)
A : "I'm not that dark. I'm brown!"
M : "Hehehe yeah, but this skintone is perfect for the dress, don't you think so?"
A : "Hey, you color the hair rainbow? My mom doesn't like rainbow hair. But my mom's friends do. My mom only painted her hair in one color."
M : "What is that?"
A : "Red... Uhm.. what is going on with the black gloves? It looks like the ones belong to tukang ojek (motor cab driver)! But yours are better for sure."
M : "Hahaha... the gloves are just the complement."
A : "Hey, where's the bag? Please give a bag for her."
M : "Okay.. Hmm I think we can give her the black and red one." (then I give the last touch of the dress by making the white sparkles over the dress)
A : "What is the material of the dress?"
M : "It is a sequined dress."
A : (thinks very hard what sequined is) "Wow look at that sparkle! Looks like real!! It is very good. Someday I think I can draw like this, I know that."

September 2, 2014


pic taken from a backstage at Biyan "POSTCARD" fashion show 2013

      Hello guys. You're reading the blog post that was written while the writer at the same time was listening to some nice songs from her radio which sometimes broken in silence but often works like it were new and the radio's ages obviously is older than her. Firstly, I want to say happy birthday to my little sister today. I wish nothing but the best for her. Secondly, I just ate some nice homemade sweet-spicy teriyaki fish made by my mom. And I planned to eat the rest of the fish again for the next three hours from now which would be midnight. #DietWhat?
      I recently uploaded the togetherness photos with my friends at instagram/path, like a lot. I was falling into happiness because I met a lot of my college friends this week. There was a college event that reunited all of my buds from all provinces. We talked to each other, asked how they were doing, checked what they did in their present life and of course observed each other's 'body development' like "Uh, you're fatter than last time I saw you!". I met my good friends once again. Most of them were doing good and better in attitude, I supposed, LOL. But for another, the b*tchiness was going crazier and the mouth couldn't be shut up. The words that were sharper than a sword were often hurtful but yeah I had many types of friends, so what... Hahahaha... 
      So much fun and so much joy at that time. Unfortunately, the joy had to be over since we had to go back to our own life after the event done. Yup, overall, it was a terrific moment. I wish I could stay with them any longer. I wish I were a part of their family, like that blood-relation thing. But I can be only grateful for what I had and their attendance in my life. I hope my best friends stay as long as I live. And that's how this post ended. :)