September 12, 2014


      I am just addicted into the 90's childhood thing, like the-used-to-be digital pet epidemic: tamagotchi. I once downloaded it in my 10.1 inch android. I had trouble of taking care of my pet, not because of the game itself but the android size instead. Can you imagine every fifteen minutes to check out your pet in that huge android that it is usually purposed to draw? It is not practical indeed. I still curious about having the real tamagotchi that I barely know it costs almost above $20 which is a quite expensive (and which I'd rather barter the money into a nice flare-skirt-which-it-is-actually-a-short that I've been dreamed for hahaha just jk'in). Nevertheless, it certainly features many things like your pet can be in marriage or searching a job, etc. Seems so fun, rite? K, maybe it will be next time to buy the tamagotchi, yes.
      Moving to another topic, I made illustration agaaaainn. The 2nd-4th pic belongs to my buddy for his three friends. I had great time drawing them. The first pic is made for my sister on her birthday (because she asked me to). Yup, she is 19 now but I always see her like she is 13 years old little sister or something. Hahaha. We girls are often fighting a lot but now since my sister studies very far from home, I often miss her like a lot :") I hope she does well there. Keep healthy and the fun, Sist!

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