September 21, 2014


      Hi guys. I just came back from a cave. It looked like I stayed at home like hundred centuries or something. Anyway, I'm so excited that my tamagotchi v6 just arrived home in a beautiful black box package. Ah, it is so cute but I'm still figuring it out about how to play and take care with my pet. Hahaha... sounds so childish and so 90's rite? Yeah, I don't care (and I keep influencing my friend to play it too lol). I really like it and I hope it lasts as long as possible :"D
      Talking about childish and 90's era, I just got annoyed of thousands logo and toy pictures in my instagram feed. I haven't seen any complete collection from any label at any fashion week yet but the spoilers are going on in the timeline. Yes, the fashion week is crazy about childish toys, especially Moschino. The brand is all about Barbie dolls now (and its iconic logo too). I can't wait to see the whole collection since I love to dress Barbie now =D That's why I like love love to go to toys store these days. It is just like the new "bookstore" for me =D =D
      For illustration today, I did draw two badminton players for a friend's order. They are two amazing Indonesian's badminton players, Hendra Setiawan and Lilyana Natsir. I hope the best for them for the next championship. I hope the best for myself too because there's something new emerging in my life. I wish it will be the best for me and I hope I can do all at my best. Godspeed for us!

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous artwork. Keep in touch