September 22, 2014


      Hi guys. I was watching two episodes of Masterchef US in a row when I wrote this post at the same time. (I know I like to watch tv series like a lot :)) I was always happy when watching it even though I had to be only satisfied enough looking at that delicious, tempting, and mostly good looking food cooked by the amateur chefs. You will not know what the next cooking challenge will up to and even the best amateur chef could be going home anytime. The show began with a very strong and joyful moment but ended with a tearful moment when at least one of the contestants should be going home.  I'm a little bit concerned to the judges because they eat the food that almost fulled by cholesterol, high protein, and other composition which are bad for health :") Stay healthy, Chefs!.
      Guys, do you still remember my previous post that has an Audrey pic on it? (If you don't, open this link post! Going Home) I made another collage of the flawless beau, Audrey, with Vincent Van Gogh's sketch and painting as the background in this post. Oh I wish my painting could be as good as Gogh's!

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