September 25, 2014


     I had a great time when I attended the press conference Plaza Indonesia Men Fashion Week. Plaza Indonesia spoke-person said that this year's PIMFW would be greater and bigger even involved some prominent fashion people like one of AsNTM's judges Daniel Boey (who came to the press conference) and the famous social media person of ANTM Bryan Boy. (I just realized that they are all from the Next Top Model dynasty). Back to PIMFW 2014. The runway even made differently from prior years which the row seat placed in the middle so the catwalk would be at the edge of the wall.
      It was very fun to listen all the designers who answered the questions from the media, especially the international designers as well. One of the question was which one was more difficult to the designer, was it to make the men's wear or women's wear. Both of  Joe Chia (Singapore) and Chris Jasler (Philiphines) said that it was equally the same difficulty to make both gender's cloth. But for Samuel Wong (Malaysia), men's wear was easier since he wore it himself. Furthermore for making women's, he said that he needs a muse so he could imagine what the best dress was to be worn by her. For the show at PIMFW 2014, Wong talked that he didn't expect too much for the collection but hoped the best for it. Meanwhile, Chris Jasler couldn't wait to rock and roll the runway and Joe Chia hoped everyone can enjoy the show and said "Don't give too much critique to the collection" followed by the whole room laugh. (You can see the three designer's collection at PIMFW at Daniel Boey's site here)

Philip Iswardhono - Obin - Joe Chia- Chris Jasler - Samuel Wong
The designers with the Plaza Indonesia's spoke-person and the sponsorship from Citibank and Samsung
the Iwan Tirta catwalk at PIMFW 2014. taken from Plaza Indonesia's facebook

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