September 2, 2014


pic taken from a backstage at Biyan "POSTCARD" fashion show 2013

      Hello guys. You're reading the blog post that was written while the writer at the same time was listening to some nice songs from her radio which sometimes broken in silence but often works like it were new and the radio's ages obviously is older than her. Firstly, I want to say happy birthday to my little sister today. I wish nothing but the best for her. Secondly, I just ate some nice homemade sweet-spicy teriyaki fish made by my mom. And I planned to eat the rest of the fish again for the next three hours from now which would be midnight. #DietWhat?
      I recently uploaded the togetherness photos with my friends at instagram/path, like a lot. I was falling into happiness because I met a lot of my college friends this week. There was a college event that reunited all of my buds from all provinces. We talked to each other, asked how they were doing, checked what they did in their present life and of course observed each other's 'body development' like "Uh, you're fatter than last time I saw you!". I met my good friends once again. Most of them were doing good and better in attitude, I supposed, LOL. But for another, the b*tchiness was going crazier and the mouth couldn't be shut up. The words that were sharper than a sword were often hurtful but yeah I had many types of friends, so what... Hahahaha... 
      So much fun and so much joy at that time. Unfortunately, the joy had to be over since we had to go back to our own life after the event done. Yup, overall, it was a terrific moment. I wish I could stay with them any longer. I wish I were a part of their family, like that blood-relation thing. But I can be only grateful for what I had and their attendance in my life. I hope my best friends stay as long as I live. And that's how this post ended. :)

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you're right. Great event. Keep in touch