September 9, 2014


      Have you ever wondered how to be gorgeous in a long gown? It is not easy and hard at the same time. The first rule is certainly you must know your body well. Is it skinny or curvy? Petite or tall? Dark or light complexion? The second rule is to match the occasion event where you are going to. Is it formal event or just a dinner? So, let I say that you’ve discovered the perfect gown for you and now it’s my turn to show you some gorgeous junior prom dresses collection from right here Or do you just want any sneak peek of the collection first? Alright, here we go!

      It’s the time for one shoulder long gown collection. I pick all the red shade from TBDress site. I love the first pink dress with all the embellishment over the top. If you love the sweet drapery, you might like those second and fourth dresses. It’s perfect for bridesmaid costume. A little bit avant-garde impression? It must be this third dress! Love that transparent shoulder!

      Let’s we move to other shade of color. It is still the one shoulder dress. I love how the blue long dress works! I like everything in this dress especially the transparent material that flaunts the flawless long legs! Another one shoulder dress is all about that second dress. I think with the appropriate hair style and make up, you can be suddenly look like goddess, at least like the Gerard Butler’s Queen Gorgo at 300 movie ;) If you want to go to an evening event that is not so formal but still fun, wear this third yellow dress! It looks like a fresh orange and I know you’ll be the center of attention. A night gown? This fourth strapless black dress with red accent in the top will be very fit for you! 
      That’s all, guys. The last thing you should be concerned while wearing a long dress is you have to smile and walk confidently. That’s how the inner beauty would come from you. If you need more dress to see, just go to TBdress' prom dress collection at here Have  nice day!

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Hello from Spain: Fabulous dresses. Keep in touch