September 4, 2014


      Last night, my 8 years old girl neighbor came visiting me. She was Ayana. Actually, she came with her little cutie 2 years old cousin named Bama. Nevertheless, the little boy seemed scared to enter my house hahaha.. so it was only Ayana that became my special guest (okay, okay, she was seduced by a little package of M&M that used to be mine). I was holding my 10.1 inches tablet that time so Ayana asked me to show her some of my doodles. Then, she appointed to my unfinished doodle, which was only a body figure. She beckoned me to draw something for her. Well... challenge accepted, Ay. I took my stylus off my tablet and started to dance with my hands.
       I didn't know why the doodling became like this. It was just randomly sketched with the guide of the Guru Ayana.
Me (M)    : "What color do you like to paint the dress, Ay?"
Ayana (A) : "Mmmhh... red would be good!"
M : "Okay, lets have the dress colored with red. The complement color is black. What do you think?"
A : "Yeah yeah that's good!"
M : "I will color the skintone like yours!" (choose the dark color)
A : "I'm not that dark. I'm brown!"
M : "Hehehe yeah, but this skintone is perfect for the dress, don't you think so?"
A : "Hey, you color the hair rainbow? My mom doesn't like rainbow hair. But my mom's friends do. My mom only painted her hair in one color."
M : "What is that?"
A : "Red... Uhm.. what is going on with the black gloves? It looks like the ones belong to tukang ojek (motor cab driver)! But yours are better for sure."
M : "Hahaha... the gloves are just the complement."
A : "Hey, where's the bag? Please give a bag for her."
M : "Okay.. Hmm I think we can give her the black and red one." (then I give the last touch of the dress by making the white sparkles over the dress)
A : "What is the material of the dress?"
M : "It is a sequined dress."
A : (thinks very hard what sequined is) "Wow look at that sparkle! Looks like real!! It is very good. Someday I think I can draw like this, I know that."

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