September 21, 2014


    As we know, these days are still about fashion week madness. It is not only the indoor runway that is happening, but also the outdoor aka the street-style runway. The chic street-style often inspires other people how to wear a piece of clothing and becomes the benchmark that leads to the next season’s trend. What’s the most happening piece in the street-style world today? I think there’s a lot of trend, including the sweater dress. Yup, it is the long sweater and you can wear it as a dress. How to mix and match it? Easy! Low-heeled or riding boots, tight legging or just jeans, another jacket over the sweater dress, shawl or just belt or other appropriate accessories, etc. So if you plan to attend any fashion week, you can wear a sweater dress as your signature item. You can find your own favorite cheap sweater dresses collection easily at TBDress website ( I have my favorites of long sleeve sweater dresses from TBDress and I would love to share my mix & match idea for some sweater dresses. Curious? Let’s check it out!

Contrast Color Round-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

    It is like you can wear it when you are going to leave home to somewhere fun.  These TBdress' sweater dresses are very casual and so easy. Maybe I can wear riding black boots + green camoe colored long vest to add another fun color + sling bag OR just put on my black waist flare skirt over the sweater + low-heeled strap sandals + big necklace like gold choker to make it a lil bit glam. Yes, we surely can wear the sweater dress as the top.

Beautiful Long Sleeve Turtle Collar Stripe Knit Sweater Dress

    I like those oversized turtlenecks and the belts! I would love to wear any ankle boots, my iconic watch, some tiny bracelets and tiny unique rings around my fingers, and a unisex handbag. If you like to wear any socks or leggings with this stripes dress, just put them on!

left: Patchwork Lace Hemline Long Sleeve Princess Sweater Dress
middle: Black Color Applique Sleeveless Sweater Dress
right: Sweet Mesh Patchwork Falbala Hem Slim Sweater Dress 

    I don’t know why but I think this collection just looks like stolen from the runway. It is so chic yet so vintage! Old-fashioned one but it is still lookin’ so good. I think we don’t have to add any accessories with this TBDress' dress to pop out the dress’ embellishment (but I like the black gloves model here ;p). This is the kind of sweater dress that I think a pair neon/white high heels (pointy ones) will be perfect to match for!
    So, what are you thinking about that sweater dress? Fyi, you can browse more cheap sweater dresses and long sleeve sweater dresses at TBDress website here Happy browsing!

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