October 29, 2014


taken from @biyanoficial instagram

      There was something different from Biyan's show that Wednesday. I used to see only his woman collection but at Bazaar Fashion Festival - IPMI Trend Show 2015, he presented his menswear collection. What a pleasant surprise as the designer are entering his 31st year at fashion. As the opening show of the event, he brought his Seruni collection that previously was shown off at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. (Read here for the review) Let's highlight the menswear collection that was really coherent to the womenswear and the Seruni theme of course. There were that crysanthemum print on the shirts and the pale pastel safari coat reminding me back to the colonial era style. The blue and black juxtaposition were the best. Moreover, the Sumba-Indonesia tribal motive at the back of the outerwear... was everything. Can't agree more.


(men pictures taken from Bazaar Fashion Festival website)

October 26, 2014


      I think this is the complete version of one of my client's order, which you already saw it too before and clearer in the previous Face posts. I had a great time (again) illustrating them all. For the Sunday School teachers, each got almost 1-2 hours to draw since the pattern was relatively simple. And I had to draw 15 guys and girls, so it took almost a whole full week (or more, completely forget) to finish. (since based on my mood and boredom level, I could not draw more than two people at the same day). But for bigger illustration and more focused in detail, I needed more than 3-4 hours to make it. And once again, mood influences how the illustrator's hand and brain move. So, it took weeks to finish all. But thankfully, they are done right now!! (fingers massage mode: on)

Sunday school teachers :)
Bu Wandi - Pak Wagito

Mas Ibnu - Mas Arya

Pak Ahmad - Bu Dian

October 24, 2014


      What I can say about Ambiguous Collection by (X) S.M.L that night were so wearable, edgy and stylish. I love their dark jumpsuit and the vests. They were so chic and easy to match with another piece. I think the kimono with that ribbon was also cute. There might not be any plane available with the models coming out from it like (X) S.M.L trunk show years ago, but I love that night's runway concept which was so cozy and modest but had the same exquisite collection at the same time. Well done!

doc. (X)S.M.L


October 21, 2014


      Located at Locanda, Panin Bank Building, (X) S.M.L held the trunk show with Ambiguous Imaji theme. The place was styled with cool props such as the woods, the tree branches, the vague light in the dark forest, triggering curiosity, and leading to the finding of this season's signature prints. With the color palette of white, navy, grey, black and a touch of salmon, the label that launched in 1999 released a timeless, edgy and stylish collection like as always, with the highlight: branch tree print. Flowy material, layering, stacking piece on piece which are always be the signature design of the label were showed in simple look. 
      The show started with a bunch of white collection with twist cutting and chic spotlight. The collection with branch print continued the show and the mysterious gray and black shade closed the show perfectly. 

(to be continued to (X) S.M.L - AMBIGUOUS IMAJI (2/2))

October 17, 2014


      There was a lot of things happened this week. I just came to (X).S.M.L fashion show, yes, it is one of my favorite local brand. I'm going to post the photo very soon. And then, there was a photo shoot that I and my team did last Sunday for look book. I hope the result would be good *fingercrossed*. But no matter how good the result will be, it all ends up on how you sell the clothes and how you learn to develop the label better and better. So, yeah wish us luck, guys!
       Anyway, I hope you're not bored yet with my illustrations because my hands will give birth to many illustrations. Hahaha...


Mbak Maya





      Hello guys. Jakarta has been being really hot these day. Although this is October, but rainy season are still hiding under the very brightly sun. The temperature can reach to 39 degree Celcius. But rain came sometimes, for only less 3 minutes in duration, 1-2 times in October. Whoah. That's why I eat ice cream and ice cube like a lot. Anyway, these are the next illustrations which I made months ago. Enjoy!



Mas Warikh


Mbak Rihangarsi

October 13, 2014


“Friendship is the only cure for hatred, the only guarantee of peace.”
Gautama Buddha

     What is more relieving than listening to the supportive words from your closest ones, especially your friends, to you? For me, the words which like the healer for the distressful addict. Giving the fire boost in your life whenever others see you crazy and trashy. I give thanks for my friends: for the straight-talker, for the #1 supporter, and the reminder of the things you good at when I lose confidence. You guys are the angels sent by God. I'm so blessed.
      Anyway, talking about the illustration, these are made based an old order by my church teacher (that I've told you earlier). The illustration will purposely be the gift for a Sunday School event. That is the short story behind the illustration today.


Mbak Eny

Mbak Anggrek


October 8, 2014


      As we know, Curiosity Cabinet is a dedication for Didi Budiardjo's journey and the memory keepers of 25 years in fashion. There were a lot of objects that used to generate each memory. Let's bear in mind for a while.
      "The invitation was beyond, meant to be the memory theater, while the dangled white fabric in the door entrance meant to be the memory layer, and the mirror before the catwalk ballroom meant to be the repeated memory".
      Not stopping only for those, it turned out that hippocampi set stage was taken from the "hippocampus", which is also the brain's scientific name. That hippocampi symbolized the memory pieces that the brain could remember. Wow. I'm still processing the whole deep meaning inside my head and thinking how amazing Didi was that he could make such a beautiful thought.
      The collection theme consisted of Dragon Inspire portraying oriental nuance, Sea Creature meaning the sea methodology, and Bucholic Garden bringing the flowers and insects ornaments in the dress. For the first sequence, after the audience silently listened to Didi's short speech about the collection, three white wedding gowns emerged unexpectedly reversed from the end of the stage. Since then, a piece by piece of amazing dresses and gowns were coming like there were no end. I love the ruffles, dragon embroidery, India motive, bird ornaments and the rest of the embellishment on dress. Ultra feminine!
      The show which
also brought the Palembang's songket fabric on stage was directed by the creative director Felix Tjahjadi and supported by the noble accessories designer, Rinaldy A. Yunardi. Thanks to Mr. Yunardi, the accessories (including the cockroach rings reputedly coming from the real insects) harmonized the gorgeous dresses very well and made the show became more dramatic. Totally blown away.

Didi Budiardjo