October 29, 2014


taken from @biyanoficial instagram

      There was something different from Biyan's show that Wednesday. I used to see only his woman collection but at Bazaar Fashion Festival - IPMI Trend Show 2015, he presented his menswear collection. What a pleasant surprise as the designer are entering his 31st year at fashion. As the opening show of the event, he brought his Seruni collection that previously was shown off at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. (Read here for the review) Let's highlight the menswear collection that was really coherent to the womenswear and the Seruni theme of course. There were that crysanthemum print on the shirts and the pale pastel safari coat reminding me back to the colonial era style. The blue and black juxtaposition were the best. Moreover, the Sumba-Indonesia tribal motive at the back of the outerwear... was everything. Can't agree more.


(men pictures taken from Bazaar Fashion Festival website)


      Hello guys. As girls, we love to collect dresses in our wardrobe, right? A little black dress is one of the top must-list of course. The rest is our favorite dress with various color and design. I want to make sure that you have the dresses which not only fit for yourself but also eye-catchy ones. Therefore, if you’re still looking for dresses to fulfill your wardrobe, you’d better see TBdress (www.tbdress.com) cheap party dresses collection. I like many dresses in this collection. Don’t believe me? Maybe you should check some of TBdress collection right here. Let’s start!


      Like literally, women need cocktail dresses which are looking so simple but having not less elegance. Look at these modest cocktail dresses from TBdress! They all have those transparent details in the chest. The first one added with beautiful necklace appliqué while the second dress has it in the sleeves. If you love something lace, you must have that third yellow-black dress. Isn’t that pretty?


      Feeling blue doesn’t always mean for sadness if you find those floor-length dresses above. Since almost everybody loves simplicity, let’s start our long gown review with this first purple dress with a tiny detail in the shoulder. Gorgeous! Or you can choose the details in both shoulders like the second blue dress. Another blue shade dress goes to the one having that sexy look with cut-out and sexy back moment. TBdress has two dresses, the third and fourth, with the closely same of craziness! Whoa, looking so beyond!

      Another purple shade dress we have is the one that has those insane details. A little bit crowded but so artsy! Moving to red shade, let’s meet this second dusty pink dress with that sowing beads and that third dress with white details harmonizing all look! Major! Obviously, that third dress is my favorite! The last dress but not least is the one in red and white color. (looking like my country’s national flag upside-down, ya? :)) It is so simple and classy.
      Looking for more cheap party dresses like these? Just go to TBdress website (www.tbdress.com) or just click right here http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Party-Dresses-5700/. Anyway, there will be the best boxing day sales coming in TBDress website. Wait for it right here http://www.tbdress.com/topic/BoxingdayInTBdress/. See ya!

October 26, 2014


      I think this is the complete version of one of my client's order, which you already saw it too before and clearer in the previous Face posts. I had a great time (again) illustrating them all. For the Sunday School teachers, each got almost 1-2 hours to draw since the pattern was relatively simple. And I had to draw 15 guys and girls, so it took almost a whole full week (or more, completely forget) to finish. (since based on my mood and boredom level, I could not draw more than two people at the same day). But for bigger illustration and more focused in detail, I needed more than 3-4 hours to make it. And once again, mood influences how the illustrator's hand and brain move. So, it took weeks to finish all. But thankfully, they are done right now!! (fingers massage mode: on)

Sunday school teachers :)
Bu Wandi - Pak Wagito

Mas Ibnu - Mas Arya

Pak Ahmad - Bu Dian

October 24, 2014


      What I can say about Ambiguous Collection by (X) S.M.L that night were so wearable, edgy and stylish. I love their dark jumpsuit and the vests. They were so chic and easy to match with another piece. I think the kimono with that ribbon was also cute. There might not be any plane available with the models coming out from it like (X) S.M.L trunk show years ago, but I love that night's runway concept which was so cozy and modest but had the same exquisite collection at the same time. Well done!

doc. (X)S.M.L



      When I’m attending someone’s wedding, I just wonder how beautiful the bride is. The woman somehow transforms to a mature woman and has more charisma inside herself. In addition, her wedding dress is so major, making her the only beauty among others. I’m thinking, is it only skinny woman who looks so pretty in a wedding dress? Can a curvy or plus-size woman look so stunning in a wedding gown? And without taking so much time, I can answer with absolutely big yes, she can. I browse through www.tbdress.com and find some special plus size wedding dresses collection that is awesome.
      The collection is almost all with ball gown. It is a little bit tricky because so far I know, curvy women have to wear something to accentuate their curves. But wedding is a special day, who cares about rules, anyway. As long as the bride feels confident of what she wears and she believes that she’s the prettiest to walk to the isle, whichever wedding dresses she's going to wear, it is surely such nothing to think about.
      How about take a look to some of the plus-size collection from TBDress right now?

      Look at those pics above! Aren’t the models looking so beautiful and cute? That was my first sight. So, TBDress has many designs of plus-size wedding dresses. The bride just has to choose the one she loves the most… and maybe pick the right dress that can do a little magic to the curve? For instance, the first high-neck gown with full appliqué at the chest covers the wide bust. The sleeves gown like that second dress covers the curvy arm. Makes sense, right?


     And these are the other gowns that not only to cover the body “weakness” but also to show off your important assets. Each first and second wedding dress reveals your beautiful neck and shoulders. 
      I think there’s no many difference of wedding dress between skinny or curvy women. Once again, it is all about the bride’s confidence! For more plus-size wedding dresses that you can recommend to your friend, or just for you, just go to this TBDress link http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Plus-Size-Wedding-Dresses-3576/. Have a nice day!


      Hello guys. I think choosing a perfect bag can be easy or difficult at the same time. You know, it is the same as picking the right clothing based on our personality. Like shoes, bag can identify our signature style, whether it is classy or casual, masculine or feminine. And the most importantly, it brings our stuff and secret weapon inside, so we have to choose the bag with appropriate size and volume. Talking about bag design which is a lot, I prefer to take a tote with me with strap/sling maybe, if my hands are too busy to handle my bag. And thankfully, there is  Tidebuy cheap fashion handbags which has a lot of totes to choose. I like some of Tidebuy cheap prices handbags collection. Maybe you have the same sense of totes as mine. So, check it out!

      The first Tidebuy bag is so my typical. It is classic and multifunction for many occasion such formal or informal event. It goes with any outfit color. It is not too small, not so big, just right for me. And the second tote is quite similar to the first one since I am the girl who obsessed to bags like these! Hahaha... But I think this second bag is purposed for more formal event.
      Next, who doesn’t love these burgundy Tidebuy cheap bags online collections? Burgundy can be the new black. I see that the third tote looking so unique. It is old-school, conservative, and vintage, if I can add another word. I think it is not so hard to match the bag with your outfit. Wear something modern to balance this unconventional bag. I’m thinking the fashion blogger Nicole Warne wearing this bag with a wide hat and a jumpsuit, all in white, with red Valentino studs shoes. Whoa, pretty! Let’s move to the ‘sister’ version of this bag. It is smaller, more chic, and easier to mix and match.
     If you want to have more brave totes, these fifth and sixth are the perfect bags with some animal patterns. Going to formal event with that blue croco tote, or just having a casual walk with that jaguar tote. The same bag madness!
      If you want to see this bag furthermore, or you want to search another cool bag from Tidebuy cheap women accessories to buy online just click the link right here http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Bags-100110/ Happy browsing!

October 21, 2014


      Located at Locanda, Panin Bank Building, (X) S.M.L held the trunk show with Ambiguous Imaji theme. The place was styled with cool props such as the woods, the tree branches, the vague light in the dark forest, triggering curiosity, and leading to the finding of this season's signature prints. With the color palette of white, navy, grey, black and a touch of salmon, the label that launched in 1999 released a timeless, edgy and stylish collection like as always, with the highlight: branch tree print. Flowy material, layering, stacking piece on piece which are always be the signature design of the label were showed in simple look. 
      The show started with a bunch of white collection with twist cutting and chic spotlight. The collection with branch print continued the show and the mysterious gray and black shade closed the show perfectly. 

(to be continued to (X) S.M.L - AMBIGUOUS IMAJI (2/2))

October 17, 2014


      There was a lot of things happened this week. I just came to (X).S.M.L fashion show, yes, it is one of my favorite local brand. I'm going to post the photo very soon. And then, there was a photo shoot that I and my team did last Sunday for look book. I hope the result would be good *fingercrossed*. But no matter how good the result will be, it all ends up on how you sell the clothes and how you learn to develop the label better and better. So, yeah wish us luck, guys!
       Anyway, I hope you're not bored yet with my illustrations because my hands will give birth to many illustrations. Hahaha...


Mbak Maya





      Hello guys. If in the previous post, I already wrote about beach wedding dress, today is all about mermaid wedding dresses and trumpet wedding dress collection by www.tbdress.com. Maybe some of you prefer to choose ball-gown or just A-Line ones, but you have to see the mermaid/trumpet collection. I saw the whole collection and was amazed. They all were so pretty. Of course, I have already picked my favorites from TBdress’ mermaid/trumpet wedding dresses. And they’re relatively cheap, around $200. Check them out!


      Let’s get started from the white wedding dresses and their huge “wow” mermaid tails. I think these three gowns are really simple in their own way. The first dress in the right is so elegant with plain white but added with a little signature in the edge of the bust. The lines in the front structure the dress and make a slim optical illusion. Quite perfect for curvy body ;) In the meanwhile, the middle and the last gowns have a glam look with those ruffles and sparkles. Looking like red carpet gowns, huh?


      Let’s move forward to the next gowns which have more color shades inside and more dramatic effect. All these dresses are killers. The first/right dress is so major. Look how gorgeous the flower and the drapery are? I would love to style the bride’s hair natural without big necklace/earrings so the gown would pop out perfectly. In the other hand, the second purple gown (middle) has a dreamy nuance inside with the fake flowers embellishment. I love the shoot here anyway, the model’s big up-do hair, so mystical :p The last red dress belongs to a very sweet and gentle woman. I like the ruffles on the top and bottom. Match perfectly!

       Moving back to white wedding gowns era, TBdress has the less huge mermaid tails here. Look at those first strapless and second high-neck gowns. Aren’t they looking so beautiful embellished with laces?  Yes, they are. I indeed love simple design dress that has a very unique detail like those two. Anyway, we have the last gown that I love love love the most. It somehow reminds me to Renaissance era with that sheer top and the bell sleeves, the ribbon to depict the feminine look, the look-alike sculptural details and of course the mermaid tail that completes all the magic. Very classic and elegant enhanced with modern touch. So perfect. I want this like right now.
      So, which one’s your favorite mermaid/trumpet gown so far? Maybe I’m not so good on choosing the right gown but you can surely choose the best from hundred mermaid wedding dresses collection by TBdress right here http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Trumpet-Mermaid-Wedding-Dresses-4287/. See you!


      Hello guys. I used to talk about dresses, but this time is different. I want to show you some of Tidebuy cheap bedding sets collection you probably want to see. Well, I don’t know what kind of the best bedding sets are, but below are certainly my favorites. Maybe the right bedding sets will lead to the best sleeping experience. Let’s see some of the collection!
 1. New Arrivl Pure White Fashion Print High Quality 4 Piece Bedding Sets
2. Solid Colored-Navy Blue Egyptian Cotton 4-Piece Queen/King Size Duvet Covers
3. Pretty Super Soft Deluxe High Quality 4 Piece Bedding Sets
4. Simple Pure Color Lattice Print 4-Piece Bedding Sets
5. Stunning Stars and Plaid and Striped Print 100% Cotton 4 Piece Bedding Sets
6. High Class Checked Style Fashion Cotton 4 Piece Bedding Sets
7. Camel 4 Pieces Comforter Bedding Sets with Various Flowers Printing
8. Beautiful Forest Princess Pattern 4 Piece 3D Bedding Sets
      Let’s say that you love plain bedding sets. So these first three of Tidebuy cheap bedding sets queen & Tidebuy king size bedding sets collection are the best. The first and third sets have luxurious nuance, while the second set brings more calming feeling in the room. Honestly, I like that bedding set’s navy blue shade. Looking so comfy, rite?
      The next sets are really cute. Who doesn’t love plaids anyway? Look at those three sets. They are very casual, fun, and cheerful. Just choose your most favorite plaid size: small like the 4th, big like the 5th, or just medium like the 6th. Make sure your choice fits well with your room size and theme. It does matter a lot.
      If you’re obsessed with prints, like me, it completely will have a different story. Since I love flowers, I do like that 7th bedding set. It is quite crowded but sweet-rough at the same time. The brown shades are really calming. You know, after one full-day being outside and feeling so exhausted, all you want to do are taking a warm shower and jumping to your bed quickly, hiding under your bedcover. These flowers print and the color give more comfort than any other bedding set.
      In meanwhile, if you like something hippie, Tidebuy has another classy bedding set inspired by classic painting. I’m amazed with that print. Feels like sleeping under the leafy and shady giant tree in a green forest.  
      That’s it. If you want to see more Tidebuy cheap bedding sets online sale collection, just go and click the link right here http://www.Tidebuy.com/c/Bedding-Sets-101982/. I hope you find your favorite bedding sets!


      Hello guys. Jakarta has been being really hot these day. Although this is October, but rainy season are still hiding under the very brightly sun. The temperature can reach to 39 degree Celcius. But rain came sometimes, for only less 3 minutes in duration, 1-2 times in October. Whoah. That's why I eat ice cream and ice cube like a lot. Anyway, these are the next illustrations which I made months ago. Enjoy!



Mas Warikh


Mbak Rihangarsi