October 24, 2014


      Hello guys. I think choosing a perfect bag can be easy or difficult at the same time. You know, it is the same as picking the right clothing based on our personality. Like shoes, bag can identify our signature style, whether it is classy or casual, masculine or feminine. And the most importantly, it brings our stuff and secret weapon inside, so we have to choose the bag with appropriate size and volume. Talking about bag design which is a lot, I prefer to take a tote with me with strap/sling maybe, if my hands are too busy to handle my bag. And thankfully, there is  Tidebuy cheap fashion handbags which has a lot of totes to choose. I like some of Tidebuy cheap prices handbags collection. Maybe you have the same sense of totes as mine. So, check it out!

      The first Tidebuy bag is so my typical. It is classic and multifunction for many occasion such formal or informal event. It goes with any outfit color. It is not too small, not so big, just right for me. And the second tote is quite similar to the first one since I am the girl who obsessed to bags like these! Hahaha... But I think this second bag is purposed for more formal event.
      Next, who doesn’t love these burgundy Tidebuy cheap bags online collections? Burgundy can be the new black. I see that the third tote looking so unique. It is old-school, conservative, and vintage, if I can add another word. I think it is not so hard to match the bag with your outfit. Wear something modern to balance this unconventional bag. I’m thinking the fashion blogger Nicole Warne wearing this bag with a wide hat and a jumpsuit, all in white, with red Valentino studs shoes. Whoa, pretty! Let’s move to the ‘sister’ version of this bag. It is smaller, more chic, and easier to mix and match.
     If you want to have more brave totes, these fifth and sixth are the perfect bags with some animal patterns. Going to formal event with that blue croco tote, or just having a casual walk with that jaguar tote. The same bag madness!
      If you want to see this bag furthermore, or you want to search another cool bag from Tidebuy cheap women accessories to buy online just click the link right here http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Bags-100110/ Happy browsing!

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