October 8, 2014


      As we know, Curiosity Cabinet is a dedication for Didi Budiardjo's journey and the memory keepers of 25 years in fashion. There were a lot of objects that used to generate each memory. Let's bear in mind for a while.
      "The invitation was beyond, meant to be the memory theater, while the dangled white fabric in the door entrance meant to be the memory layer, and the mirror before the catwalk ballroom meant to be the repeated memory".
      Not stopping only for those, it turned out that hippocampi set stage was taken from the "hippocampus", which is also the brain's scientific name. That hippocampi symbolized the memory pieces that the brain could remember. Wow. I'm still processing the whole deep meaning inside my head and thinking how amazing Didi was that he could make such a beautiful thought.
      The collection theme consisted of Dragon Inspire portraying oriental nuance, Sea Creature meaning the sea methodology, and Bucholic Garden bringing the flowers and insects ornaments in the dress. For the first sequence, after the audience silently listened to Didi's short speech about the collection, three white wedding gowns emerged unexpectedly reversed from the end of the stage. Since then, a piece by piece of amazing dresses and gowns were coming like there were no end. I love the ruffles, dragon embroidery, India motive, bird ornaments and the rest of the embellishment on dress. Ultra feminine!
      The show which
also brought the Palembang's songket fabric on stage was directed by the creative director Felix Tjahjadi and supported by the noble accessories designer, Rinaldy A. Yunardi. Thanks to Mr. Yunardi, the accessories (including the cockroach rings reputedly coming from the real insects) harmonized the gorgeous dresses very well and made the show became more dramatic. Totally blown away.

Didi Budiardjo

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