October 8, 2014


      Hi guys. I'm a little bit busy right now but I still can enjoy playing my V6 music star tamagotchi. It turns out that it is very exciting to play  and take care the tama. There's a lot of mini game inside. In addition, I already have the second generation tama, that means I have to take care of my tama's daughter/son not the parents anymore. Hahaha... It was very cute to see the parent and the baby are sleeping together like this pic below (TvT). Moreover, I enjoy whenever my tama grows from baby-toddler-teenager-adult phase because I almost never know what species I'll get since it depends on how I take care of the tama. In this special tamagotchi, my tama can get much many by becoming a famous music star with her/his band. Awesome, rite? Anyway, I'm craving for tamagotchi IDL English version which is in color not pixel like V6. I had watched some reviews saying that there's more feature inside and it totally rocks. We can read the whole conversation between tamagotchi and the friends. But it costs almost $60 for the new one (T_T). Ok, I wish someday I can have one. Just wishing. Ok. Okay. Fine.

      I also draw people face like a lot for last two months. The first one was just ordered last week. The second one was actually a very old order but I just can post it like today. I think it was the most realistic illustration I've ever made since there were hundreds (or thousands?) lines and strokes I had to make. Then, I compare with the half of the real face. Since the order (including the second illustration) had a lot of face to draw, it means that for few blog posts onward, there will be many Face posts. Stay tune for more following post!

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