October 26, 2014


      I think this is the complete version of one of my client's order, which you already saw it too before and clearer in the previous Face posts. I had a great time (again) illustrating them all. For the Sunday School teachers, each got almost 1-2 hours to draw since the pattern was relatively simple. And I had to draw 15 guys and girls, so it took almost a whole full week (or more, completely forget) to finish. (since based on my mood and boredom level, I could not draw more than two people at the same day). But for bigger illustration and more focused in detail, I needed more than 3-4 hours to make it. And once again, mood influences how the illustrator's hand and brain move. So, it took weeks to finish all. But thankfully, they are done right now!! (fingers massage mode: on)

Sunday school teachers :)
Bu Wandi - Pak Wagito

Mas Ibnu - Mas Arya

Pak Ahmad - Bu Dian

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous creations. Great boots. I like your work. Keep in touch