October 29, 2014


taken from @biyanoficial instagram

      There was something different from Biyan's show that Wednesday. I used to see only his woman collection but at Bazaar Fashion Festival - IPMI Trend Show 2015, he presented his menswear collection. What a pleasant surprise as the designer are entering his 31st year at fashion. As the opening show of the event, he brought his Seruni collection that previously was shown off at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. (Read here for the review) Let's highlight the menswear collection that was really coherent to the womenswear and the Seruni theme of course. There were that crysanthemum print on the shirts and the pale pastel safari coat reminding me back to the colonial era style. The blue and black juxtaposition were the best. Moreover, the Sumba-Indonesia tribal motive at the back of the outerwear... was everything. Can't agree more.


(men pictures taken from Bazaar Fashion Festival website)

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