October 8, 2014


    I’ve seen a lot of fashion show with wedding theme (and at the wedding reception too). Yes, I’ve already seen many wedding veils. However, I’m still being confused on how choosing the good veil is. I know it is all about taste of ours that can help us to decide one. For instance, maybe some of us still remember about the wedding of Angelina Jolie. Look at her veils made by Luigi from Atelier Versace! It was the classic one covered with the art of her kids that was embroidered into the veils. It was ultra cute on how Angie did custom her veils, wasn’t it?
    Well, since I have something like traditional and classic interest on stuff, my thought about veils goes the same. Hence, I catch www.tbdress.com website and find some gorgeous wedding veils collection there. Some of the collections are looking like vintage but modern too, exactly like what I love for now. Check them out!

1. 1-Layer Fingertip Wedding Veils with Lace Applique Edge
2. Faddish Elbow Lace Applique Edge Wedding Veil
3. Gorgeous Fingertip Lace Flowery Edge Wedding Veil
4. Gorgeous Lace Applique Edge Fingertip Wedding Veil
5. High Quality Single Layer Floral Edge Wedding Bridal Veil
6. 1-Layer Fingertip Wedding Veils with Lace Applique Edge

    . Yup, I like the TBdress’ veil which are not really long in length and has lace in the edge. At glance, all veils indeed look like the same. Nevertheless, they are unique with their own appliqué and embellishment. There are ones with pure lace but other add with some sparkles. My most favorite one is the veil no 6. Of course, TBdress has other kind of wedding veils which very varies in length, lace, shape, fabric even some of them are just a plain veil but not less gorgeous.
    You probably want to see another kind of wedding veils collection by TBdress. Just click here http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Wedding-Veils-4323/ and you’re ready to have  your most favorite one for your wedding. See ya!

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