October 24, 2014


      When I’m attending someone’s wedding, I just wonder how beautiful the bride is. The woman somehow transforms to a mature woman and has more charisma inside herself. In addition, her wedding dress is so major, making her the only beauty among others. I’m thinking, is it only skinny woman who looks so pretty in a wedding dress? Can a curvy or plus-size woman look so stunning in a wedding gown? And without taking so much time, I can answer with absolutely big yes, she can. I browse through www.tbdress.com and find some special plus size wedding dresses collection that is awesome.
      The collection is almost all with ball gown. It is a little bit tricky because so far I know, curvy women have to wear something to accentuate their curves. But wedding is a special day, who cares about rules, anyway. As long as the bride feels confident of what she wears and she believes that she’s the prettiest to walk to the isle, whichever wedding dresses she's going to wear, it is surely such nothing to think about.
      How about take a look to some of the plus-size collection from TBDress right now?

      Look at those pics above! Aren’t the models looking so beautiful and cute? That was my first sight. So, TBDress has many designs of plus-size wedding dresses. The bride just has to choose the one she loves the most… and maybe pick the right dress that can do a little magic to the curve? For instance, the first high-neck gown with full appliqué at the chest covers the wide bust. The sleeves gown like that second dress covers the curvy arm. Makes sense, right?


     And these are the other gowns that not only to cover the body “weakness” but also to show off your important assets. Each first and second wedding dress reveals your beautiful neck and shoulders. 
      I think there’s no many difference of wedding dress between skinny or curvy women. Once again, it is all about the bride’s confidence! For more plus-size wedding dresses that you can recommend to your friend, or just for you, just go to this TBDress link http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Plus-Size-Wedding-Dresses-3576/. Have a nice day!

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