October 21, 2014


      Located at Locanda, Panin Bank Building, (X) S.M.L held the trunk show with Ambiguous Imaji theme. The place was styled with cool props such as the woods, the tree branches, the vague light in the dark forest, triggering curiosity, and leading to the finding of this season's signature prints. With the color palette of white, navy, grey, black and a touch of salmon, the label that launched in 1999 released a timeless, edgy and stylish collection like as always, with the highlight: branch tree print. Flowy material, layering, stacking piece on piece which are always be the signature design of the label were showed in simple look. 
      The show started with a bunch of white collection with twist cutting and chic spotlight. The collection with branch print continued the show and the mysterious gray and black shade closed the show perfectly. 

(to be continued to (X) S.M.L - AMBIGUOUS IMAJI (2/2))

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