November 30, 2014


      Hello guys. I've been spying about celebs' stylish style, including the famous singer Andien Aisyah. Who doesn't know her, anyway? Pretty face and fabulous voice, completed with all dazzling designers' pieces on her body. Isn't it all the whole dream for almost all women in the world? Maybe we are merely a bathroom singer but don't say we can't have the same gorgeous style as Andien. Let's copy her look, shall we?
      For you who prefer monochrome tone such grey shade, this look is perfect for you. No color block, just say grey for all look: pattern jumpsuit + cardigan + clogs, with sharp-lined eyes and eyelashes and pinkish-reddish shade of lips. I think that this new verse of Andien's look is somehow way cooler. Dare to try?

Andien pic taken from
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November 29, 2014


      There was other local promising brands which showed their own creation in processing woven fabric to be wearable everyday pieces at Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014. Let's take a look! (Read also the previous label collection review: Monday To Sunday, I.K.Y.K, Lekat)

Sere Simanjuntak

       A line of pink collection was all about this collection under "Se" label. The designer chose the origami technique to process her Masturi woven fabric. She executed it successfully and resulted to a line of pretty collection. It was loose and sheer for few of clothes which looked so comfortable to wear. In addition, the collection was so feminine, chic, and stylish. It was totally wearable moreover supported by the cool ethnic necklaces.

Opi Bachtiar

      The A/W collection "Savannah" he brought to Bazaar Fashion Festival was inspired by Sumba heritage, including the fauna and the local women. The inspiration reinforced by the visual recording from photographer Timur Angin and Taufik Ismael's poem "Beri Daku Sumba". The designer brought the edgy look to the stage with asymmetry cut and see-thru material. Bold and masculine image were radiated through the collection.

Danjyo Hiyoji

      Once more, the ready-to-wear label under the hands of Liza Mashita and Dana Maulana surprised us. Unlike the previous collection of Danjyo Hiyoji which usually consisted of monochrome color & plain, the Nebula collection was full of colorful pieces made from NTT woven fabric which glowed in the dark made by special technique. I found it was interesting to showcase the woven fabric in unusual way such as made it glowing in the dark. The edgy, dynamic and youthful style, and the accessories which completed the look was beyond amazing. My favorite piece is that black bomber jacket, which was also glow in the dark at the same time. I mean, how awesome was that?

November 24, 2014


      Hello guys. I just browse through some pages and I find one of pretty Indonesia celebrities, Cathy Sharon, appeared so flawless in a fashion event. The simple bold dress with straps sandals, completed with red nails and pink lipstick, doesn't she adorable? I love her hair! Want to have the pretty look like her? Yes, we can do it!

cathy's photo taken from

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      Austere was the RTW Deluxe line from IPMI designer, Tri Handoko, that firstly launched at Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014 - IPMI Trend Show 2015. Austere itself meant for modest, without any luxury unsure. The first collection took Porcelain fineness inspiration which translated into classic, modern, and edgy genes. The materials were cotton, semi wool, wool and synthetic suede in basic colors such as black, white, and grey. This collection particularly dedicated to the brave and strong women with determination. The symmetry cutting, simple clothing with twist detail attracted the audience in the White Cube Box. My personal favorite was the grey loose pants with unique fabric sheets pleats in the side. Fab!

November 21, 2014


     "Une Affaire de Femmes" story of a woman by Yogie Pratama presented a line of collection with variety of color and material. The super feminine and elegant cocktail, night gowns and ball gowns were in colorful shade peach, pastels, light blue, blue, lavender, silver, gold, and even black. Feathers, pleats, ruffle, pastel crystal in repeated pattern were the main detail of the gowns with the material such as lace, chiffon, jacquard, silk shantung satin, and organdi. The collection was really fresh regarding the light color and transparent material. The cool headpieces completed the drama of the total look.

November 18, 2014


       11:11 Memayu Hayuning Bawono show successfully spread all the romanticism nuance all over the White Cube Box. The designer, Era Soekamto, transformed all the traditional kebaya kutu baru into the whole new international bride modest dress inspiration. As what the theme meant for, the collection portrayed the gentle beauty but in the other hand she was strong and caring about both the living creature and nature. The bride gown made in color that used to be there in sacred moment such as peach, silver, white, light grey, and nude. The touch of Victorian style was translated into beautiful fabric and intricate drapery, added with flower applique, pearl, and crystal. The collection was also supported by Hatten Wine, Rina Thang (shoes), Rinaldy A. Yunardi (accessories), Nanda (multimedia), and Julius Bramantyo (image photo).
     I think the collection was very beautiful. In the other hand, the background music and multimedia made the audience drowned in the piece per piece of gorgeous bride kebaya. The hairdo, with that white hair additional, I think that was pretty and not too much. The total look was very classy and totally elegant. What a dreamful collection.