November 5, 2014


      Hello guys. Probably I’ve told you before that I never joined any prom party (I know I’m kinda old-fashion, ain’t I? Lol) but I’m always eager to look for and see any prom dresses. Actually, I once ever prepared formal dresses for my sister’s prom party and thought what kind of dress that can be worn as prom and other occasions at the same time. You know that it is such a waste to only wear a dress once and then only leave it in the wardrobe. So, I wanted to make sure that the dress would be able to be worn for other events. Coincidentally, I find many evening dresses like I want at Aviva Dress ( From short prom dresses to bridesmaid dresses are all available at Aviva Dress. How delightful is that? Let’s take a look for some of them!

      Let’s start the long prom dresses review with one of my favorite color: blue. I always love the type of dress like the first/left picture. That beaded flowers embellishment is the center of the attention and making the dress more glam. Love that shade! Besides for prom, this dress is perfect for evening party.
      The second/middle dress certainly brings us to someone’s signature dress style. Yes, it is no one but the Frozen’s Queen Elsa! I like that see-through effect from tulle material and the shiny beads make the dress more sparkly. Halloween might have been passed, but you still can buy this dress and maybe wear it as pretty Queen Elsa next year.
      I adore everything about this light blue evening dress with many sexy slits. This dress is just different. Looking so effortless but simply stunning! If I were actress or someone from Hollywood industry, I would love to wear it for my movie’s red carpet premiere.

      We still have this minty-fresh green dress. It is so sweet and fresh. Better worn at day, isn’t it? The next dress is in brave red with that cool embellishment on top. One of must-have long prom dress from Aviva Dress! The last dress we have is the one with subtle light pink dress with silver straps which convey women’s feminine side. Looking like goddess!
      How’s the review? I hope you enjoy it like I do. For more awesome long prom dresses, or just chic cocktail dresses, just go to Aviva Dress website right here See you!

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