November 10, 2014


      Hi guys. Maybe some of you already have your own signature bag, either in neutral or colorful one. The same happens to me. Even though we have a lot of bag, but we’re still feeling that the collection is not quite enough and we want to buy more, right? Hahaha ladies problem :)) But don’t be worry because you still be able to catch many bags without losing money like blowing bubbles. Yup, there is cheap bags collection from TBdress ( Their fashion handbags collection is really cool. Here are the candy-colored bags which I already summed up for you. Check them out!


     I know that a clutch is a must-have item for us. This first handbag is really unique with that black metal circle. It is perfect for your casual event. Moving to the next bag, TBdress has this cute bucket tote bag with that glossy material (second picture). Pair the bag with your best monochrome outfit, like white top and pants in one look. After clutch and a bucket bag, TBdress has the hippie sling bag that I’m sure it can carry all of your daily stuffs like your lipgloss, wallet, parfume, little make up kit, etc. The size is not really big that can make you move more freely.
      The next one is that fourth bag which is also nominated as my most favorite bag. I love the color shade and design as well. It is so chic and young yet it has bigger capacity that will let me carry all my stuff inside the bag. Cool. We have another tote with more brave and bolder color. Yesss… it is the fifth bag. Don’t you love the color? The design is a little bit vintage but it is still alluring, isn’t it?
      I picked this sixth bag because it is kind of universal bag of all women types. The brown-orange shade is really gorgeous. The bag can go with both feminine and edgy style. Just go buy one for yourself because I’m sure it’ll be run out of stock very fast! The last but not least, TBdress has this no 7 color-block bag which is very fun and dynamic. It is surely one of my favorite bags from TBDress.
    For more cool bags like those, please just visit TBdress’ fashion handbags collection right here Don’t miss the after Christmas deals event from TBdress guys! Just learn more about the event right here Have a nice day!

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