November 4, 2014


      There was a little chit-chat with my best friend about outerwear a week ago. That time, I just realized that I didn’t have any quite adequate number of outerwear. The reason why is simple, because I’m easily sweating in the city I live which has a very long dry season. But still, I want more outerwear, maybe merely to make my look more stylish and cooler. So, in order to have more preferences of good outers, I browse through TBDress ( and find some cool outerwears. You probably want to see some of the cardigans for women collection from TBdress. Check them out!

      I’m not kind of girl wearing long cardigan. But you know what, TBdress’ loose/plus size cardigan is too cute to be true. Besides, it can deceive the wide hip, don’t you think so? The first cardigan is so casual and looking so comfy. In the other hand, the second one makes me remember to a street-style look at somewhere fashion week. Look at that fabric texture! I love it. Perhaps, we can wear something white or floral inside the long cardigan.
      Next, the third cardigan (or a little bit looking like a camoe blazer? ;)) is one of my wish list. Love that monochrome shade, so easy to style and match to any style. Moving to another pattern, TBdress has that houndstooth motive with that feminine design. Like like like it. I’m thinking that this blazer can be worn as working outfit or just as a signature style with leather pants and a tote bag. Cool.
      Talking about outerwear, a cardigan, especially a cheap cardigan one, can’t be missed in the list. This no 5 is something do-it-yourself project cardigan. If you’re too lazy to sew your plain cardigan with beads yourself, just buy this cardigan. The next cardigan is really cute. I warn you, guys. Who doesn’t love sweet cherries in our cardigan? I nominate this cardigan as one of the best of TBdress collection. The last one but not the least, I have this unique braided cardigan. It is looking so vintage but so terrific.
      That’s all the cardigan that I pick from TBdress for this week. For more cheap cardigans collection, you certainly can visit the link right here Anyway, TBdress will hold a christmas bags deal event, don’t miss it right here Have a great day!

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