November 18, 2014


      Hi guys. Unlike usual in which I may talk about dress thing, now I will show you some sexy lingeries you might to know. It is all about corset, ladies. You know that sexy corset doesn't have to have sexy look, don't you? How about if we talk about another look that a lingerie like corset can make?
     Well, first up, you need to know about the corset we’re going to talk about from TBdress ( Christmas Sexy Lingerie sales collection right here Let’s begin! 
      As you know, there are many ways to wear corset. The same goes with these TBdress’ corsets. Look at the first corset we have with that gorgeous red embroidery. Isn’t that cool? Let’s pair it with black leather jacket and black (leather) pants with red or just black ankle boots like the collage I’ve seen often from pinterest. So fab!
      Looking for more neutral corset? Here you go, let’s meet the second black corset. You can pair it with anything. You can be a gothic/steampunk girl or just be a casual girl with white long-sleeves blouse over it and pants. In the meanwhile, you can also wear a blouse over this third white corset with more subtle look. Add some contrast and bold shade of palazzo pants, black strap heels, and wide hat. Don’t you feel like Rachel Zoe with a corset? Lol. In addition, you can keep the white corset for your wedding gown anyway. It’s so multifunction, yes?
      So does the fourth white corset with puff sleeve! It is the perfect match for classic bridal gown, isn’t it? Next, we have the fifth black and white corset which is closely perfect for… a cosplay costume! Or you can wear it as your Victorian costume in Halloween. Drama just got started!
      Let’s move to the corset with more motives like this sixth floral corset and seventh abstract motive corset. You can wear them as outerwear or just put them under your blouse keeping your waist firmly.  Any idea how to make them as amazing outerwear? Hmm... I think I will pair one of them with light pleated skirt. It’s so everyday style but so simply chic.
      That’s all the corsets from TBdress. Hope it inspires you much like I do. If you’re intended to buy one of them, just visit Christmas Sexy Lingerie Sales Online at TBDress website right here You can also find many Christmas Costumes Deals right there. Have a nice day!

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