November 24, 2014


      Hello guys! I’m still looking for more jewelry for myself, so I browse through all online shopping website all day to find the perfect one. Yes, I’m crazy abut jewelry, like other girls! ;) But I think I already find some of my favorites at TBDress website ( In their Thanksgiving Jewelry Deals special occasion, I find some interesting jewelries which are perfect for both casual and office looks and you might to know any of them. You probably want to buy one(s) and give it as a Thanksgiving gift for your family. Great! Let’s check it out!
1. Elegant Sparkle Blue Gemstone Flowers Women Necklace
2. Elegant Colorful Water-drop Beads Lace Necklace
3. Luxury Golden Leaves Tassel Blue Stone Alloy Women Earrings
4. Beautiful Alloy with Pearl Bracelet

      Well, this time, I have blue versus silver jewelry from TBdress. Let’s talk about the blue one first. Necklace is a very easy and stylish item so it won’t be missed from my list. Since I’m a fan of necklace, I pick these two first and second necklaces. I love them for the simplicity. Both are really alluring and fit for either formal or informal occasion. How to wear them? Blue necklace on blue dress, why not? Try to wear blue or navy dress with medium motive with this first necklace. While for the second one, I prefer to wear any navy boxy top/blouse to be pair with and white flare skirt.
       Boho-glam style is perfect for these third earrings. Pair it with your sleeveless navy midi-length dress and some black ankle boots. The next blue shade jewelry goes to this fourth stacked bracelet. It is nice to be worn as everyday style too. For further detail picture, find this pretty blue jewelry collection right here 

1. Silver Flower Shaped With Diamond Necklace
2. Exquisite New Arrival Bead Chain Alloy Necklace
3. Silvery White Pearl Alloy Diamond Bracelet
4. Unique All-matched Rivets Multilayer Alloy Bangle

      Another jewelry collection from TBDress’ Thanksgiving Jewelry Deals collection is this fabolous silver collection. I mean that it is in neutral color so it is easier to mix and match it with any style and color. Moreover the very detailed embellishment has made me (and you too, I suppose) head over heels with it. Let’s take at look with the first necklace. Isn’t it so classy? It reminds me to my grandma’s era but it is still timelessly elegant and so feminine. Pair it with your favorite white dress. It is currently my most favorit one. The second necklace has brought the edgy era. Can be worn as edgy and feminine style. It is so dynamic and I love it.
      Another eye-pearl we have from TBDress is this third pearl bracelet. So classy and feminine, portrayed a gentle side of woman. I would love to wear it with my traditional local costume, kebaya, in the color matches the bracelet. The next bracelet is the one with that cool studs. Cool for either gothic or just easy style.
     That’s my kind of style, how about you? To get this awesome jewelry, just visit TBDress Thanksgiving Jewelry Deals right here Have a nice day!

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