November 5, 2014


      Hi guys. Maybe I’ve never told you before that one of my hobby is decorating my own room. I like to put any furniture inside and make DIY wall decoration. Even more, I like to hang my own paintings in the wall so I can make a “mini studio” for myself. I like the room that can make me relax and inspire me at the same time. Therefore, some cool decoration things are needed here. No more worry and confused where to get them because I find some cool things from cyber Monday sale of Beddinginn ( I'm sure the sale can inspire you to fill up your room too. Check them out!

      I always love anything hanging in the wall. It inspires me the most. Anyway, I’ve been looking for any picture like these three pieces of Golden Gate Bridge photo. How awesome are they? Relaxing in the couch in the living room can’t be any better without looking at these calming photos. Feels like sitting around the edge of river under San Fransisco’s gorgeous evening sky. Can’t agree more.


      Moving to bedroom thing, there’s no doubt that a bedding set can make the right mood for our sleep. Since I love white color and floral thing, I pick this white lilies bedding set. It is so calming but not too plain instead with the lilies printing on it. It must be super comfy!


      This curtain is a must have one for your room. It is super romantic with those flowers and stalks things over the curtain. (The curtain looks like a Valentino gown, doesn’t it? ;p) Which room in da house that is very suitable the most with this curtain style? Hmm… Bedroom, I think?
      That’s the kind of my room and home stuff. What’s yours? Anyway, you can see more cyber monday deals 2014 collection from Beddinginn. Just visit their page right here Have a nice day!

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