November 12, 2014


      There were several promising local fashion brands joined this year Bazaar Fashion Festival - IPMI Trend Show such as Monday To Sunday, Lekat and I.K.Y.K (Sere Simanjuntak, Opi Bachtiar and Danjyo Hiyoji which performed in the same sequence will be posted next). All the brands had really strong image and powerful voice in their own way. Here are all of them.

Monday To Sunday

      The unique but wearable collection nominated to Monday To Sunday. The brand had the drapery effect in that pale shade zigzag and stripes pattern from Sengkang woven for the collection shown at Bazaar Fashion Festival. Very edgy, unique, a little bit quirky but unbelievably so wearable. Anyway, the total look couldn't be any cuter with that huge Minnie Mouse's huge ribbon hairpiece.

creative directors of Monday To Sunday, Dita Addelecoat & Mellyun Xing


      Sidemen-demen was the theme of Lekat show that was dedicated to the Sidemen village resident who continued the heritage of local songket fabric. Besides using Sidemen songket, Lekat also used Bali woven as the material. The design that acclaimed to reminisce the past and the modern era that was radiated in some pieces of the collection.

creative director LEKAT, Amanda Indah Lestari


      I.K.Y.K. the short of I Know You Know, successfully brought the strong impression to the Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014 runway. The label had two cultures (Indonesia and Korea) mixed into one collection named Gisa. First up, they showed the ethnic side by using the Lombok woven fabric. They also brought the Gisa, which meant the knights in Korea, affecting the edgy and loose silhouette. The whole strong collection generally vocalized the women strength and their huge influences every second of any aspect in life.

creative director I.K.Y.K, Anandia Putri

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