November 18, 2014


       11:11 Memayu Hayuning Bawono show successfully spread all the romanticism nuance all over the White Cube Box. The designer, Era Soekamto, transformed all the traditional kebaya kutu baru into the whole new international bride modest dress inspiration. As what the theme meant for, the collection portrayed the gentle beauty but in the other hand she was strong and caring about both the living creature and nature. The bride gown made in color that used to be there in sacred moment such as peach, silver, white, light grey, and nude. The touch of Victorian style was translated into beautiful fabric and intricate drapery, added with flower applique, pearl, and crystal. The collection was also supported by Hatten Wine, Rina Thang (shoes), Rinaldy A. Yunardi (accessories), Nanda (multimedia), and Julius Bramantyo (image photo).
     I think the collection was very beautiful. In the other hand, the background music and multimedia made the audience drowned in the piece per piece of gorgeous bride kebaya. The hairdo, with that white hair additional, I think that was pretty and not too much. The total look was very classy and totally elegant. What a dreamful collection.

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