November 17, 2014


      Indonesia Mendunia. That was the theme from Esmod Jakarta's fashion students which were previously selected to bring their artwork to Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014. They created costume clothing to the White Cube Box stage. They mixed traditional fabric with international culture such as African Fables, Spain flamenco dance & matador, Eiffel tower, Turkish's Ottoman Kingdom outfit, Tibet traditional costume, and Japanese kimono & origami to make an extravagant and ultra ethnic pieces. The traditional fabrics which were used in that show consisted of various batik, woven from Bali & NTT, and Palembang songket. The designers were Elissa Christ Haryanto, Felisia Fanteli, Gustina Ratna Dewi, John Martin, Rike Safrina, and Victoria Dwi Cahyadi.

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Aulia Amalina said...

wow!!! I'm proud being indonesian!!
thanks to share!