November 10, 2014


"Through hills and valleys, sea-sides to seaports,
there are wonders of Indonesia that thrill Timor-
the topography of Indonesia that unfolds through
thousands of stories that survive the times." -Oscar Lawalata

      Oscar Lawalata showcased his latest collection from The Bodo label in White Cube Box Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014. As what the collection looked like, the designer took Timor inspiration including the antique wooden horse which were seen in the front. He really appreciated the Timor's woven maker culture that bequeathed  the woven technique inheritance from the past to the future.
      36 of Timor-nuance clothes were shown off flawlessly. Oscar emphasized the simple and super feminine silhouette that reflected the beauty of both the Indonesian woman and of course the woven fabric itself. The 37 years old designer furthermore designed the dresses offhand without any rough weird cutting or something like that. From strapless to slight strap dress, V-neck blouse, until the outerwear, they were really breathtaking. In addition, some of the backless moments were completed with that unique sweet ribbon. The color shade of the woven were really diverse, united in one neutral shade. The quite simple sleek hairdo and super thick eyebrow made the look more charming.

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