November 8, 2014


Laura Basuki before Eddy Betty show (taken by Fahmy Haryandi)

      A fashion show is not quite complete without the attendance of fashion people and even celebrities. Here I summed up some pictures from Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014 outside the runway. Many celebs came to the event including the pretty Dian Sastrowardoyo which often spotted wearing designers' clothes while watching the show. Enjoy!

Novita Angie
the stylists gathering
Dian Sastrowardoyo wearing Biyan, with her husband, Indraguna Sutowo
models' off duty
Oscar Lawalata during interview with TV station
singer, Nindy Ayunda
Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014 opening, attended also by Veronika Tjahaja Purnama (batik with short skirt), Mufidah Jusuf Kalla (green-orange blouse), and Herawati Boediono (purple blouse) (courtesy Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014)
Dian Sastrowardoyo wearing Barli Asmara after the designer show
Marini (orange blouse), TV star and mother of singer Shelomita and actor Ruben Elishama, after Barli Asmara show
(Saptodjojokartiko show)
Pevita Pearce and Afghan Syahreza (Saptodjojokartiko show)
Ririn Ekawati (Saptodjojokartiko show)
Ririn Ekawati and her sister Rini Yulianti (Saptodjojokartiko show)
Dian Sastrowardoyo (Saptodjojokartiko show)
Rossa, singer (Saptodjojokartiko show)
socialite Dena Rahman and famous fashion stylist Ayla Dimitri (Mel Ahyar show)
TV star Marini Zumarnis (hijab) and singer Indah Dewi Pertiwi (Mel Ahyar show)
(left) Ina Thomas & Jeremy Thomas - (right) Valerie Thomas & Jeremy Thomas (Mel Ahyar show)
Mario Lawalata spotted at Oscar Lawalata show.

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