November 18, 2014


      Well, it's been a while since the last time I sat in my mini workspace blue chair at home. Yasss, I just got home from Jogja on Sunday. I took a short trip to Jogja and arrived there Tuesday evening last week and slept at my sister's dorm. Since my sister was a very busy college student, I just could go nowhere far (scared of being lost somewhere hahaha). I spent my time going around her dorm.

      I missed my sister so much that I decided to spend my week to visit her. She had been out all day for her college activities and that meant I had to be alone at the dorm. I summarized my trip into that photo grid. I was not going anywhere but I felt I was already traveling all around Jogja. There was nothing special about these pics above but only the memory and moment of sisterhood. The first and second pics in the upper, we were in Kalimilk, a place selling milk in various taste of milk and food. My sist ordered macaroni cheese and green tea milk, while I enjoyed my fried roll with cheese and meat filling. Tasted very yummy. The second pic was the time when I had to eat alone :") I ate macaroni cheese (taste average) and mango+strawberry tea which was very fresh in taste!
      The rest of the pic was taken in a small food place near my sist dorm named Laguna. I like the interior there. The owners seemed to love everything in green shade, turquoise etc. They even had the camouflage tablecloth! And the wide huge green screen like the background of my photo. The third pic in the upper, that was my order: rice+veggie+chilli&soy sauce+fried big spring roll with egg and sausage fillings. Tasted better to eat the spring roll right after being cooked. Crispy! The first pic in the middle column was my sist order: crispy meatballs+salad+rice+chilli sauce. Tasted good, I supposed. The price? Averagely under 10k rupiah!
      Well, there was one more food place that sold ayam mentega (fried chopped chicken seasoning with butter (?) and spices) So delicious! But i was too hungry to capture the food photo :")
      Anyway, it was really relaxing to out of Jakarta for a while, alone. I met a great stranger lady at the train station while we were waiting for the train fetching us to Tugu train station, Jogja. We shared a little story about us and she gave me a very remarkable advice. Of course, we didn't share our name coz we would be acquaintances instead of strangers (someone ever said that).
      It was indeed a great trip even though it had not been really planned so well. Maybe, I (and you) should do this kind of things more often next time, yes? I admit that I'm not that kind of traveler. Nevertheless, little by little, I understand the exciting feeling of traveling and breathe the different air from the different land we have never stood before. I feel it, man. Even though it was only like a pinch of exciting experience. It is great to see my mini workspace with different perspective now.

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